What’s New in GeForce NOW 2.0.20

Capture Even More Highlights

  • NVIDIA Highlights is a feature developed by NVIDIA that many industry leading developers have implemented in their games to allow gamers to easily capture and share their best moments.
  • Current games that support NVIDIA Highlights include Fortnite and Kingdom Come: Deliverance.  For a full list of games, please read this Highlights knowledge base article.
  • This new app release adds some new technology that uses smart pattern and image recognition in our cloud servers to detect key moments in games. When one of those moments is detected, like a game-winning kill, we capture and save the highlight automatically.
  • Over the next few weeks you will see support for our first two games - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends. Let no victory go unrecorded! We’ll add support for the feature to more games over time. Stay tuned to see which games get support next!
  • Use the in-game overlay (CTRL-G on Windows or Cmd-G on Mac) to turn on Highlights, view your Gallery, change your keyboard shortcuts, and more.

New Sorting and Filtering Controls

  • Sort your GeForce NOW library by game store, genre, or game name, alphabetically.
  • These new options are available in the top right corner of the app when you click “SEE MORE” in the My Library and our sections - like Free to Play. 

Keyboard Layout Control

  • Option to override automatic keyboard detection in the GeForce NOW app. The override takes effect once you launch your next game session.
  • Use this override if your physical keyboard layout doesn’t match the layout in your streaming session, keeping you from typing the correct characters.  Read more about it in our knowledge base.
  • TL;DR: Now you can get back to trash talking in your native language.

App Polish

  • Improved the login experience for members that use Google accounts. 
  • Fixed an error message that occurs if you try to launch a second stream using the same account. Don’t cross the streams. It would be bad.
  • More streaming quality of service improvements.
  • We shaved another 500ms off game startup time.

Bug Fixes

  • Removed infinite spinners some users were seeing on the play button for games in-app.
  • The marquee (top section) of our app could show a spinner if you have no internet connection
  • Fixed inconsistent localizations for some text strings

Whatcha Thinking?

  • Tell us about your streaming session, or what games you want to play, or how you won that last match even after your teammates dropped. We read it all, and we’re proud of you. Hit the exclamation icon and share your feedback!