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NVIDIA RTX / Quadro Desktop and Notebook Driver Release 515

Version: R515 U4 (517.40)  WHQL
Release Date: 2022.9.20
Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 11
Language: English (US)
File Size: 641.04 MB

Release Highlights
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Additional information
NVIDIA RTX Enterprise Production Branch Driver

Release 515 is the latest Production Branch release of the NVIDIA RTX Enterprise Driver. This new driver provides improvements over the previous branch in the areas of application performance, API interoperability (e.g., OpenCL/Vulkan), and application power management.

Production Branch drivers are designed and tested to provide long-term stability and availability, making these drivers ideal for enterprise customers and other users who require application and hardware certification from ISVs and OEMs respectively.

The Production Branch driver is a superset of the NVIDIA Studio Driver and provides all the benefits of the Studio Driver of the same version, along with NVIDIA RTX-specific enhancements and testing.

New Features in Version R515 U4
  • This release includes bug fixes and driver component enhancements to improve performance.
  • Studio Application/Feature Support:
    • OBS 28.0—support for new features, including AI powered virtual background and room echo removal effects, high-efficiency coding (HEVC or H.265) and high-dynamic range (HDR).

Fixed Issues in Version R515 U4
  • [Adobe][Illustrator] Reduce Noise setting with Render with Ray Tracing results in pixelated shapes when using 3D and Materials
  • [Chaos][Vantage][Win11] Vantage fails to start on Windows 11 with HWS and NVLink on R510 driver
  • [PTC][Creo 7] Performance degradation observed in drivers newer than version 471.68
  • [Enscape] NVVM prints module verification errors for Vulkan ray tracing module
  • [OpenCL] Race condition when creating/releasing OpenCL sub-buffers
  • [32-bit] gldriverquery/vulkandriverquery crashes on 516.59 driver
  • [Application Profile] Memory unexpectedly write-protected using Basic profile
  • [Framelock][Clone Mode] App crash/TDR when using clone mode with framelock
  • [Autodesk][Fusion 360] – performance issues with draw operations on some G-SYNC enabled systems.

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