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High Performance Computing (HPC) is one of the most essential tools powering the advancement of computational science.  The Compute Competency focuses on partners who offer GPU-accelerated computing to deliver scientific breakthroughs and game-changing innovations for various industries, including, but not limited to Finance, Higher Education, Industrial, and Automotive.

Compute DGX

This competency includes High Performance Computing (HPC) products that use the power of GPUs to enable computers to learn from data and write software to solve some of the most complex problems in computer science.  Whether your customers are focused on training or inference, this Competency authorizes you to deliver HPC and purpose-built DGX systems for the unique demands of AI.

Embedded Edge

This Competency enables you to deliver the power of modern AI at the edge or autonomous machines across all industries. In addition, it fosters your ability to develop products or solutions complementary to the NVIDIA Jetson platform, which is designed for edge applications from AI-powered Network Video Recorders (NVRs), to Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) in high-precision manufacturing, to Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) and more.


Virtual GPU solutions bring the power of NVIDIA GPUs to virtual desktops, apps, workstations, and accelerate graphs and compute workloads to make virtualized workspaces accessible to creative and technical professionals working from anywhere.  With the Virtualization Competency, you will focus on customers who will benefit from graphics-accelerated desktop and application virtualization.


NVIDIA’s visualization platform fuels innovation from the desktop to data center to cloud while delivering unparalleled performance capabilities for professional graphics, rendering, and scalable visual solutions.  Whether your customers focus on design and manufacturing, media and entertainment, science and medical imaging, energy exploration, or other markets, the Visualization Competency enables you to deliver the best visual computing solutions to your end customers.

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