NVIDIA Isaac for AMRs

A new open platform with edge-to-cloud compute and powerful software stacks for AI-enabled Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)

Manufacturing and fulfillment centers are constantly reconfigured or scaled up to meet product demands. Path planning and rerouting for autonomous robots need to move in lockstep. The NVIDIA Isaac AMR platform optimizes operational efficiency to accelerate the overall development and deployment of AMRs using new Isaac GEMs, warehouse simulation in Isaac Sim, and NVIDIA Isaac Nova Orin. NVIDIA Isaac platform is compatible with the ROS ecosystem.

Software For Autonomous Robots

Learn about NVIDIA GEMs

Isaac GEMs

NVIDIA Isaac GEMs are hardware-accelerated packages that make it easier  to build high-performance AI solutions on NVIDIA hardware. New GEMs include NVBLOX to help improve obstacle perception and 3D visual navigation for AMRs.

Learn about Isaac Sim

Isaac Sim

NVIDIA Isaac Sim (built on Omniverse) simulates the behavior of robot fleets, people, and other machines using digital twins with high-fidelity physics and perception. It also enables synthetic data generation for training of AI models.

Learn about Omniverse Replicator

Omniverse Replicator

Omniverse Replicator for Isaac Sim enables synthetic data generation (including domain randomization) with ground truth labels for training of AI models for perception. This helps AMRs operate safely and avoid common mishaps.

Learn about NVIDIA cuOPT


NVIDIA cuOpt is an AI logistics software API that enables near real-time routing optimizations for last-mile delivery, supply chain, warehouse picking, and food delivery. It can be used to optimize route planning in real time, which can be applied to fleets of AMRs.

Explore NVIDIA Map Capabilities


AMR deployments can access the NVIDIA DeepMap platform’s cloud-based SDK to speed robot mapping of large facilities from weeks to days—with centimeter-level accuracy. The DeepMap Update Client also lets robot maps be updated as necessary, in real time. Contact us with full details of your project for more information.

Learn about Intelligent Video Analytics


With NVIDIA Metropolis, AMRs have access to additional layers of situational awareness on the factory floor, so they can avoid congested areas and blind spots, and have enhanced visibility of people and other AMRs. Metropolis pre-trained models also allow for customizing site-specific needs.

Hardware Solutions for AMRs

Isaac Nova Orin

Isaac Nova Orin

This reference robot system will accelerate the development  of a new generation of AMRs with a robust sensor suite and compute architecture platform based on the NVIDIA Jetson AGX™ Orin. The Isaac Nova Orin AMR reference design will be available in Q2 2022.

NVIDIA Jetson Embedded Systems


Robotics applications can be ported today onto NVIDIA Jetson™ modules to meet every embedded edge product specification. This includes the newly announced NVIDIA Jetson AGX™ Orin, the world’s most powerful AI computer for energy-efficient autonomous machines.

NVIDIA EGX platform


Platforms from the Isaac AMR software stack—including NVIDIA Isaac Sim, DeepMap, cuOpt, and Metropolis—can run on NVIDIA EGX-Certified Systems alongside traditional software. Scaling services across distributed edge cases are also available on EGX Fleet Command.

Deploying AMRs Into Production


Isaac for AMR uses NVIDIA GPU-accelerated AI technologies, including Isaac GEMs, Isaac Sim, Metropolis, cuOpt, DeepMap, and more on NVIDIA AI and Omniverse platforms.

Robotics Partner Ecosystem

Discover a large community of partners that can help you build your full robot system with products ranging from specialized boards to AI software to application design services to sensors and developer tools.

Contact us to learn more about the NVIDIA Isaac for Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) platform.