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Omniverse Machinima

Remix, recreate, and redefine animated video game storytelling with powerful tools and photorealistic rendering.

Easy Game Cinematics for Content Creators

Omniverse Machinima beta is a reference application that enables users to collaborate in real time to animate and manipulate characters along with their environments inside of virtual worlds. For technical artists, content creators, and industry professionals who want to utilize high-fidelity renders from inside of these virtual worlds, Omniverse Machinima gives you the tools to easily make game cinematics.

Beyond The Wire
Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord
Post Scriptum
Shadow warrior
Rendered, for Real

Rendering, Materials, Lighting

Rendered, for Real

Experience stunning realism at your fingertips—faster than ever. With the NVIDIA MDL material library, every surface, material, and texture is as real as it gets, and the multi-GPU enabled Omniverse RTX Renderer allows you to easily toggle between real-time ray-traced and referenced path-traced mode for scenes that are true-to-reality.

AI-enabled Tools

Audio In, Animation Out

Go from audio to animation in no time at all. Simply record your manifesto or sample your favorite movie lines and watch your character’s face and body come alive with Audio2Face and Audio2Gesture technology.

Audio In, Facial Animation Out
Breathtaking Visual Effects

Visual Effects

As Real as it Gets

Add reality to every move, breath, jump, and ripple with realistic physics powered by PhysX 5, Flow and Blast, and experience true-to-life interactions between the objects and environments you create.

Motion Capture

Your Moves, Your Creation

Capture human motion using a mobile or web camera to make a 3D-animated character mimic human movement with AI Pose Estimation.

Bring your characters to life with classic node-based graph editing with Omniverse AnimGraph, or use animation retargeting tools including several preset animations for popular character systems like Reallusion Character Creator.

Your Moves, Your Creation

Omniverse Machinima is an innovative way for creators, gamers and anyone to access real-time storytelling. The Reallusion Character Creator connector for Omniverse adds to the power with a workflow that creates a cast of digital humans directly for Machinima and is ready for the outstanding visual quality of NVIDIA RTX™

— John C Martin II | VP | Reallusion

Offworld Industries is excited to see new frontiers of creativity unlocked within passionate player communities, better enabled by tools like Omniverse Machinima. We look forward to exploring more partnership possibilities in the future!

— Phil Merricks | Squad Project Lead | Offworld Industries

Omniverse Machinima, powered by its realistic rendering and human-like animation workflow, is the perfect tool to create content bound only by your imagination in your favorite game universes.

— Murat Türe | Lead Programmer | TaleWorlds Entertainment

With Omniverse, I don’t have to wait a full week to render a 30-second animation. The rendering speed in Omniverse is superb and saves me a lot of time.

— Jae Solina, JSFILMZ | Filmmaker

Omniverse Machinima has amazing potential for quickly and reliably making custom character animation available for cloth simulation in Marvelous Designer.  In connecting the two software packages, the goal of a completed character animation with both highly realistic movement and cloth simulation can be achieved in a fraction of the time previously possible.

— Eric HinkleyI | Business Development Manager | Marvelous Designer

How to Install Omniverse Machinima

Get Started with Omniverse View


Download NVIDIA Omniverse and run the installation.

Download NVIDIA Omniverse


Once installed, open the Omniverse launcher.

Find View in the Apps section and click Install


Find Machinima in the Apps section and click Install, then Launch.

System Requirements
Element Minimum Specifications
OS Supported Windows 10
(Version 1903 and above)
CPU IIntel I7
AMD Ryzen
(2.5GHz or greater)
CPU Cores 4 or higher
RAM 16 Gb or higher
Storage 500 Gb SSD or higher
GPU GeForce RTX 3070 or higher
NVIDIA RTX A4000 or higher
VRAM 8 Gb or higher
Min. Video Driver Version See latest drivers here.

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