Our new GeForce Game Ready 385.28 WHQL drivers are optimized for Agents of Mayhem, Crossout, and Killing Floor: Incursion. To download and install, simply fire up GeForce Experience and click the "Drivers" tab.

Game Ready For Agents of Mayhem

Developed by the folks responsible for the action-packed Saints Row series, Agents of Mayhem is an open-world action game set in a futuristic version of Seoul, South Korea, billed as “the city of tomorrow”. Choose any three agents from a stable of twelve - each with different abilities - and take on a series of missions to take out a shadowy organization of super villains known only as LEGION. It’s a classic case of Good vs. Evil in this explosive, third-person gem.

On PC, the pyrotechnics get ratcheted up a notch, or two, or three by the liberal use of NVIDIA Volumetric Lighting, NVIDIA Hybrid Frustum Traced Shadows, NVIDIA TXAA, and HDR. And should you find yourself in an explosive situation that deserves to be immortalized, press Alt+F2 to frame and capture a NVIDIA Ansel screenshot, or Alt+F10 to capture gameplay with GeForce Experience.

Learn more about these features in our Agents of Mayhem video, below, and in our standalone article.

To enable all of these features, and to get the best possible experience when using them, download and install the new Game Ready driver before Agents of Mayhem's release on August 15th by clicking on the "Drivers" tab in GeForce Experience, or by heading to our website.

Game Ready For Crossout

If you dig games with post-apocalyptic settings, and maybe you just can’t stop watching Mad Max, Gaijin Entertainment’s Crossout deserves a look. A free-to-play MMO, Crossout challenges you to scavenge parts to build the ultimate combat machine, and then use it to vanquish your enemies in adrenaline-infused PvP battles.

Already a feast for the eyes, the game recently received another major visual upgrade in the form of support for NVIDIA HBAO+, which brings more realistic shadows to the on-screen mayhem. Check out the 4K video below, and the comparison screenshots on the Crossout website, to see just how much impact HBAO+ has on the game’s gritty atmosphere.

Survival of the fittest is the name of this visually impressive game, as battles wage across the globe - from the outskirts of abandoned cities and factories to the vast, barren dunes of inhospitable deserts. Launched as an open beta on May 30th of this year, Crossout has attracted an army of nearly 3 million players worldwide. If you wish to try it for yourself, head on over to the game's official website.

Game Ready For Killing Floor: Incursion

Experience terror in a whole new dimension with Tripwire Interactive’s Killing Floor: Incursion, a new VR game for Oculus Touch based on the long-running, and hair-raising, survival/horror franchise, Killing Floor.

The Killing Floor universe is rife with potential for creepiness and scares, so the prospect of experiencing it in a cooperative shooter built from the ground up for VR has our trigger fingers itching.

You play the role of an elite Horzine Security Forces grunt tasked with fending off wave after wave of horrific monster hordes. You’ll team up with allies and use an array of destructive weapons and blades to get the job done. Picking the best location to make your stand is paramount, as is exploring the environment during breaks in the action to scavenge for ammo, better weapons and supplies.

For the best experience in this high-intensity, graphically-advanced VR game, be sure to download the new Game Ready drivers, which deliver the definitive VR experience.

GeForce Game Ready Driver - Download Now

You can download the new GeForce Game Ready drivers through GeForce Experience, our free, essential, game and system-enhancing application, which also records and streams gameplay, and grants you access to giveaways.

If you experience any technical issues with the new Game Ready drivers please post a detailed report on the GeForce.com Driver Feedback Forum, where our Customer Care team can better assist you. A list of fixes in this driver for previously-reported issues can be found here.