On October 24th, Activision and Bungie’s hotly-anticipated sci-fi shooter sequel Destiny 2 officially launches worldwide on PC. To celebrate, we’re bringing back the GeForce GTX Destiny 2 Bundle, so you can take on Ghaul’s Red Legion in style.

Starting today and running through November 29th, when you purchase a select GeForce GTX 1080 Ti and GTX 1080 graphics card, system, or laptop at participating partners, you will receive a digital copy of Destiny 2 PC at launch. With either of these GPUs in a PC or laptop, you’ll be able to run the game at 60+ FPS with the highest-possible settings enabled. For all the details, check out our Destiny 2 Graphics and Performance Guide.

You can also learn about the PC version’s features, settings, and support for PC technologies, plus a ton of other info that’ll give you the complete lowdown on Destiny 2 for PC. In short, there’s support for 4K, G-SYNC, uncapped framerates, Field of View modification, GeForce Experience, ShadowPlay, HDR, and SLI.

Upgrade your system for an awesome Destiny 2 PC experience and check out the GeForce GTX Destiny 2 Bundle landing page for all the necessary details.

ESRB Rating Note: Destiny 2 is rated T for Teen by the ESRB.