The Final Fantasy series has kept gamers enthralled since 1987, when the very first game released on the Nintendo Entertainment System. In the critically celebrated FINAL FANTASY XV, Square Enix strove to welcome new players while keeping the interest of Final Fantasy veterans equally piqued. The result is a fresh take on the gameplay, coupled with recognizable staples such as Chocobos, magic, mighty summoning spells, and characters like Cid.

And now—in conjunction with the console's new FINAL FANTASY XV ROYAL EDITION—you can enjoy FINAL FANTASY XV WINDOWS EDITION on the PC, with a gamut of PC-exclusive improvements and enhancements (described in detail here), and all the original paid DLC and free updates initially found on the consoles.

Set in the fictional, but Earth-like land of Eos, you'll play as main character Noctis, supported by his lifelong pals and handy combatants Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto. As Noctis, you'll explore the game's wonderfully detailed open-world by using the party's sleek roadster, riding Chocobos, or by utilizing good old-fashioned walking and running.

One of the biggest changes in FFXV compared to its predecessors is the new Active Cross Battle system—a real-time, non-turn-based take on the fighting. As IGN says in their review, "Well-placed flanking strikes are rewarded with big damage and slickly animated team-up attacks, and commanding one of your buds to use one of their stylish-looking special attacks at just the right moment can be a literal blast."

But don't worry, if the Active Cross Battle system gets too intense, you can use Wait Mode to pause the action and take a small breather. During Wait Mode's timed interval, you can safely decide which enemies you'd like to attack, which spells you'd like to cast, or which items to use. Noctis also has the ability to warp around the battlefield to create surprise attacks and emergency retreats.

In addition to the content-packed base game, there are lots of extra features included on top of it, providing incredible value and heaps of supplemental gameplay. You'll have all of the original Season Pass content and added DLC, which is comprised of the Booster Pack+, Holiday Pack+, EPISODE GLADIOLUS, EPISODE PROMPTO, EPISODE IGNIS and the multiplayer expansion: COMRADES. You'll also have the engrossing first-person exploration mode, a new Insomnia City Ruins expanded map, an unlocked Royal Cruiser complete with new recipes and fishing spots, and a side-quest to get your hands on the Regalia TYPE-D car. More so, you'll get a king's ransom of special items, such as the FFXV Original Model Masamune, FFIX Model Mage Mashers weapon, Gold Chocobo Ragalia Coloring, an Angler Set, and a whole lot of others. You can see the full breakdown of everything that´s been added to the WINDOWS EDITION in the About Section on Steam.

Thanks to all of the game's exclusive enhancements, extra features, mod support, incredible graphics, customizable in-game settings, and more, FINAL FANTASY XV WINDOWS EDITION is a fantastic experience on the PC. If you're looking for full system requirements and an analysis of what kind of performance you can expect with specific GeForce GTX graphics cards, swing on over to our recent article here.

For more in-depth info on the game, reviews of the console version are up on just about every major media site out there, such as IGN, Kotaku, Gamespot, and Polygon. Reviews for the PC version will go live shortly before the game's release on March 6th.