NVIDIA Omniverse XR


Omniverse XR

Navigate and interact with your Omniverse scenes with immersive VR and AR.

Omniverse in Extended Reality (XR)

The Omniverse XR app, currently in beta, is an immersive spatial computing app that enables you to interactively assemble, light, and navigate Omniverse scenes in real-time, individually or collaboratively with a team.

Fully Ray-Traced Virtual Reality

Fully Ray-Traced VR

Omniverse XR enables engineers, designers, and creators to experience, review, and approve ray-traced high-fidelity 3D scenes at human scale.

Augmented Reality Streaming

One-Step Streaming AR

With NVIDIA CloudXR integration, the Omniverse Streaming Client allows users to stream Augmented Reality (AR) content directly to a tablet.

Support for Headsets and Tablets

Wide AR and VR Support

Bring your team together on Omniverse XR with support for multiple VR headsets and streaming to ARCore tablets using the Omniverse Streaming Client.

Omniverse Create lets you build scenes in 3D.


Interact at Human Scale

Using VR with Omniverse XR enables you and your team view, navigate, review, and annotate scenes, control lighting, and perform basic manipulations of 3D objects with ease—and all at human scale.


Teleport Your Scene into Reality

With Omniverse Streaming Client casting directly to your handheld device, you can review content in AR and bring virtual assets into the real world, giving you a ‘window’ into any 3D scene or experience.

Omniverse Create features physically accurate materials and visuals.
Image courtesy of WPP.
Create supports animation from tools like Autodesk Maya, Unrea Engine, 3ds Max


Full-Fidelity, Full-Scene Ray Tracing

Powered by NVIDIA RTX technology, the world’s first full-fidelity, fully ray traced VR lets you see every reflection, soft shadow, and limitless lights and enables the instant rendering of high poly models without special imports.

How to Install Omniverse XR

Download Omniverse


Download NVIDIA Omniverse and run the installation.

Open the Installer


Once installed, open the Omniverse launcher.

Launch Omniverse


Find Omniverse XR in the Apps section and click Install, then Launch.

System Requirements
Element Minimum Specifications
OS Supported Windows 10 64-bit
(Version 1903 and above)
CPU Intel I7
AMD Ryzen
2.5GHz or greater
CPU Cores 4 or higher
RAM 16 GB or higher
Storage 500 Gb SSD or higher
VRAM 6 GB or higher
Min. Video Driver Version See the latest drivers here.
Note: Omniverse is built to run on any RTX-powered machine. For ideal performance, we recommend using GeForce RTX 3070, NVIDIA RTX A4000, 8 Gb or higher.

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