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Fast-track your AI projects with immediate, short-term access to NVIDIA AI through NVIDIA LaunchPad.

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With NVIDIA LaunchPad, enterprises can get immediate, short-term access to NVIDIA AI running on private accelerated compute infrastructure to power critical AI initiatives. Speed the development and deployment of modern, data-driven applications and quickly test and prototype your entire AI workflow on the same complete stack you can purchase and deploy.

Best-in-class AI platform

Get the fastest access to the NVIDIA AI platform with a vast partner ecosystem.

Hybrid-cloud-optimized private infrastructure

Access secure, distributed, and hybrid-cloud-optimized private infrastructure hosted by Equinix.

Curated Labs

Take advantage of curated labs for both the IT administrator and AI and data science practitioner.

AI Lifecycle

Learn how to scale and manage the entire AI lifecycle—from development to deployment—with ease.

NVIDIA LaunchPad Workflow

NVIDIA LaunchPad Workflow

Access to NVIDIA Base Command, NVIDIA Fleet Command, and the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite on accelerated compute infrastructure is made available for a set period of time through curated data science and AI labs. Within these labs, teams can train a model using TensorFlow, perform sentiment analysis with NVIDIA RAPIDS, deploy an AI support chatbot using Fleet Command, and more. Confident software and infrastructure decisions can then be made, resulting in the successful deployment of AI workloads across enterprise data centers and colocation facilities, in infrastructure as a service, and at the network edge.

Get Immediate Access to NVIDIA AI

Start your journey with a trial of one of the three enterprise solutions available to you:

Real Time

AI Development with NVIDIA Base Command

NVIDIA Base Command is a cloud service for businesses and their data scientists to execute AI development workloads on NVIDIA-accelerated AI infrastructure, such as NVIDIA DGX Foundry.

Accelerated Reconstruction

End-to-End AI with NVIDIA AI Enterprise

Optimized, certified, and supported by NVIDIA to run in the enterprise data center on VMware vSphere, this suite of AI and data analytics software streamlines time to production of AI applications and services.

Scalable and Upgradable AI

AI Deployment with NVIDIA Fleet Command

Purpose-built for AI, Fleet Command is a cloud service for AI lifecycle management, offering streamlined deployments, layered security, and detailed monitoring capabilities—so you can go from zero to AI in minutes.

Access NVIDIA LaunchPad Worldwide

Access NVIDIA LaunchPad Worldwide

NVIDIA LaunchPad resources are available in nine regions across the globe in Equinix data centers. These resources include both NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD and mainstream NVIDIA-Certified Systems running the entire NVIDIA AI software stack—from leading tools like TensorFlow and PyTorch to application frameworks focused on vision AI, medical imaging, cybersecurity, and more.

The NVIDIA Technology Inside AI LaunchPad

The NVIDIA NGC catalog for pretrained models and other tools to speed development

NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD, industry-leading, turnkey infrastructure for the fastest path to AI innovation at scale

NVIDIA Base Command for streamlined workflows and effortless orchestration of AI development

NVIDIA Fleet Command for securely deploying and managing AI at the edge—from a single control plane

NVIDIA-Certified Systems, built on the NVIDIA EGX platform, for running accelerated AI workloads across the network

NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite for developing and deploying AI on VMware vSphere

NVIDIA and Equinix Infrastructure Partners

Dell Technologies

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