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Enterprises are integrating augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) into their workflows to drive design reviews, virtual production, location-based entertainment, and more. NVIDIA CloudXR, a groundbreaking innovation built on NVIDIA RTX technology, delivers VR and AR across 5G and Wi-Fi networks. With NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation software, CloudXR is fully scalable for data center and edge networks. The CloudXR SDK comes with an installer for server components and open-source client applications for streaming extended reality (XR) content from OpenVR applications to Android and Windows devices.

Now Available: CloudXR 3.2

Explore the latest features and developments, get details on the application process, and apply for the SDK.

Cloudxr News and Stories

Image courtesy of Factory 42

Good Things Comes in Trees: NVIDIA RTX, CloudXR and 5G Power Immersive AR Virtual Rainforest

Sustainability was considered at every level of construction and operation. And with NVIDIA RTX and CloudXR, Factory 42 can help audiences interact with hundreds of tropical trees, plants and shrubs inside an eco-friendly, virtual space.

NVIDIA CloudXR Now Available on Google Cloud Marketplace

NVIDIA CloudXR is now publicly available through the Google Cloud Marketplace with NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstations as a Virtual Machine Image (VMI).

NVIDIA CloudXR Now Integrated in VMware Workspace ONE XR Hub

NVIDIA and VMware are helping enterprises take XR streaming to the cloud with the announcement of Workspace ONE XR Hub, which includes an integration with NVIDIA CloudXR for accessing their highest quality XR experiences.

NVIDIA CloudXR Architecture

Reimagine Augmented and Virtual Realities with CloudXR

Drive Powerful VR and AR Over High-Performance Networks

Drive Powerful VR and AR Over High-Performance Networks

CloudXR breaks the confines of traditional VR and AR, delivering streaming of XR content to untethered devices with a level of fidelity that’s indistinguishable from native tethered configurations. The CloudXR lets you leverage NVIDIA RTX powered servers with GPU virtualization software to stream stunning augmented and virtual reality experiences from any OpenVR application. This means you can run the most complex VR and AR experiences from a remote server across 5G and Wi-Fi networks to any device, while embracing the freedom to move—no wires, no limits.

Uncompromising Performance and Mobility

Uncompromising Performance and Mobility

To access the rendering power needed to drive the richest immersive environments, current professional VR/AR solutions require a physical tether to a high-performance computer. NVIDIA RTX GPUs powering CloudXR encode and stream the visuals to a thin Windows or Android client device. By dynamically adjusting to network conditions, CloudXR maximizes image quality and frame rates while minimizing effective latency and stuttering.

Stream from the Edge

Stream AR, VR, and XR from the Edge

The next generation of mobile networks offers ultra-low latencies that will expand the world of augmented and virtual reality. Running servers powered by RTX technology on the edge with CloudXR yields remarkable performance for streaming graphics. By utilizing the high bandwidth and low latency of 5G networks, you can stream expansive VR and AR experiences to professional users at the edge.

Telco-Grade Manageability, Security, and Multi-Tenancy

Telco-Grade Manageability, Security, and Multi-Tenancy

CloudXR combines the performance of the EGX Platform with NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation (vWS) software to securely enable multi-tenant deployments, a common requirement among telecommunications (telco) and service providers. GPU virtualization also allows multiple virtual machines to access a GPU when the workload is lighter, optimizing for user density and operating costs. Manageability is streamlined with support for both VMware and Red Hat virtualization platforms and supporting management tools.  

Merge Hardware and Software with a Revolutionary DevKit

Merge Hardware and Software with a Revolutionary DevKit

Driving virtualized XR experiences from the edge requires expertise across cloud orchestration, visual computing and AI, virtualization, 5G network operations, and more. Visualization is streamlined at the edge with the NVIDIA EGX Platform CloudXR 5G MEC DevKit, a full stack hardware and software solution powered by NVIDIA. Supported by NVIDIA-certified systems, the DevKit combines NVIDIA RTX GPUs with RTX vWS software, the CloudXR SDK, and third-party applications, so developers can run VR, AR, and virtual GPU experiments across 5G and Wi-Fi networks.

The World's Brightest Minds. One Unique Event.

Join us this GTC to discover how extended reality (XR) has changed the way we enjoy entertainment, interact with friends, and get our jobs done. NVIDIA continues to be at the forefront of delivering groundbreaking solutions for AR and VR, and we’ve brought together an amazing lineup of sessions to show off the very latest.

  • The Journey to Collaborative Virtual Workspaces: PopUp-XR at Volvo Group

    • Jan Wurster | Solution and Technology Expert, ESI Group
    • Steven Horton | Group Manager Vehicle Strategy, Volvo Group Trucks Technology

    From engineering design to manufacturing planning, product development life cycles are transforming into fully digital processes. Eliminating physical prototypes generates proven cost and lead-time benefits, but requires enterprises to learn to trust virtual methodologies. Satisfying the requirements introduced by these transformative changes means adopting new technologies, virtual techniques, and integrated processes. Volvo has brought Collaborative Virtual Workspaces from concept to productive use. With ESI’s collaborative extended reality (XR) ecosystem solutions and ubiquitous availability built on top of NVIDIA’s CloudXR streaming technology, teams work in shared, easy-to-use XR environments for immediate solution identification and decisions. We explored the practical deployment of XR anywhere, anytime, from solution design to systems and device integration, providing a deep dive into technology and scalability concepts democratizing XR in the digital enterprise.

  • Next-Gen CloudXR: Bring your engineering and construction projects to life

    • William Cannady | Technical Product Manager, NVIDIA
    • Greg Demchak | Director of Digital Innovation Lab, Bentley Systems, Bentley Systems

    The NVIDIA CloudXR SDK empowers developers to deliver highly complex applications and 3D data to low-powered VR & AR devices. We discuss what is NVIDIA CloudXR, how to get started integrating the SDK into your applications, and benefits customers have shared during their development. We learn from Bentley Systems as they discuss how NVIDIA CloudXR introduces new ways of work while preserving and elevating existing AEC/O workflows for design and building.

  • Bring the Green Planet into your hands with 5G, AR and Edge Compute

    • Steven Stewart | CTO, Factory 42

    Learn how CloudXR helped deliver an innovative mobile augmented reality (AR) experience, through a 5G private network, to thousands of people in Piccadilly Circus, London. Deep dive into the challenges that were overcome to bring the natural worlds in the Green Planet AR experience, inspired by the BBC’s Green Planet TV series, into the hands of so many people. Get a behind-the-scenes look at how digital plants, spatialized audio, and a holographic David Attenborough combined to deliver an interactive journey that inspires and motivates audiences to make positive changes in helping our planet recover from the climate crisis.

XR Luminaries at GTC22

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Autodesk VRED

Rendered in Autodesk VRED, streamed over 5G


ESI Group’s IC.IDO collaborative VR environment


Why SAP uses Innoactive Creator and Portal

Luxion KeyVR

One Click from Luxion’s KeyShot to KeyVR streaming AR

Theia Interactive

Image courtesy of Theia Interactive.

Be immersed in AEC models with Theia Interactive.

Masterpiece VR

Streaming immersive 3D design and character creation

Dreamscape Immersive

Image courtesy of Dreamscape Interactive.

Learn how NVIDIA CloudXR was used to stream this immersive experience to users.


Actors Theatre of Louisville’s Lab Production of A Christmas Carol: Scrooge’s Ghost Encounter Live in VR

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Now Available: CloudXR 3.2

Explore the latest features and developments, get details on the application process, and apply for the SDK.