NVIDIA Clara Parabricks Pipelines:Variant Processing: CNNScoreVariants

GPU accelerated CNNScorevariants

Generate variant scores using a Convolutional Neural Network.

Quick Start


$ pbrun cnnscorevariants --ref Ref.fa \
--in-bam sample.bam \
--in-vcf sample.vcf \
--out-vcf output.vcf

Compatible GATK4 Command

gatk CNNScoreVariants -R Ref.fa \
-I sample.bam \
-V sample.vcf \
-O output.vcf \
--tensor-type read_tensor

Post-Analysis Filtering

CNNScoreVariants generates an info field for each variant called CNN_2D. This field can be used to create filters for each variant by running the GATK4 tool FilterVariantTranches on the CNNScoreVariants output.




--ref (required)

Path to the reference file.

--in-bam (required)

Path to the input bam file.

--in-vcf (required)

Path to the input vcf file.

--out-vcf (required)

Path to the output vcf file.


Path of a non-default parabricks model file for cnnscorevariants.


Defaults to number of GPUs in the system.
Number of GPUs to use for a run.


Which GPU devices to use for a run. By default, all GPU devices will be used. To set specific GPU devices, enter a comma-separated list of GPU device numbers.