Join NVIDIA Online at MWC Barcelona 2021

28 June – 01 July 2021

Unlock the Potential of AI-on-5G

In the era of AI, telcos have the opportunity to become central to enterprise digitization with new business models and 5G connectivity. Join us online at Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona 2021 to explore how AI delivered over 5G networks enables new possibilities across healthcare, retail, smart cities, factories, and beyond.

AI-on-5G: Bringing Connected Intelligence to Every Industry

08:00 CET, 01 July 2021

Join Ronnie Vasishta, senior vice president of telecommunications at NVIDIA, for an online special address at MWC 2021. Learn how the fusion of enterprise AI on 5G at the edge opens the doors to multi-trillion dollar industry transformation and new capabilities for smart cities, security systems, retail intelligence, industrial automation and optimization of network capacity utilization.

AI-on-5G Resources

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Solutions for the Telecom Industry

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Connect with NVIDIA AI Experts

Find out the latest in AI-on-5G technology that will transform major industries. Schedule an online meeting with NVIDIA telecom leaders and find out how AI can benefit your company. Contact us at