One of the most innovative launch titles to arrive on Oculus Rift this week is 505 Games and Three One Zero's ADR1FT, a thrilling first-person space exploration game that casts players as Commander Alex Oshima, an astronaut who awakens amongst the wreckage of a space station and no memory of the preceding destructive event.

Now available on Oculus Rift for VR ready PCs, ADR1FT forces players to navigate their way around the ruins of the space station to discover the tools necessary to facilitate your return back to Earth. You'll also recover recordings and clues that will gradually enable you to discover what exactly happened and your role in the disaster.

The accident that befell the space station also critically damaged your space suit so you are constantly running out of air. To make matters more dire, you are alone in a cold, unforgiving environment with no human contact so success is entirely in your hands.

ADR1FT is adapted and perfectly suited for virtual reality. By the very physical nature of a VR headset your field of view is limited, and the lack of peripheral vision mimics the situation you would find yourself in when wearing a massive clunky space helmet. Also, in the case of ADR1FT, you are strapped into a survival suit that essentially makes movement very cumbersome in the same way that your physical movement is restricted by sitting in a chair. What results is a stifling sense of claustrophobia, and frustrating lack of self-control, despite the fact that you're in a weightless environment and surrounded by an almost limitless void. Navigating between parts of the wrecked space station while trying to find and grapple with life-saving oxygen tanks is a bewildering and heart-pounding exercise.

The VR version of ADR1FT heightens everything, right down to the fact that the developer has adapted your HUD so that it is projected on the inside surface of your helmet's visor so you have to keep looking down to check your vitals and oxygen levels. Neglect that and you're doomed.

In order to take advantage of the engrossing VR experience packed into ADR1FT, you will first want to make sure your GPU is powerful enough for virtual reality. If you're unsure if your gaming rig meets the minimum requirements for Oculus Rift, NVIDIA GeForce and Oculus' joint program conveniently identifies if you're ready for VR. In a lot of cases, all you'll need to do is upgrade to a higher-end GeForce GTX GPU.

Experience one of the most exciting and immersive VR titles in ADR1FT, which is now available on Oculus Rift.