Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 on PC: Capture The Beautiful Game From Any Angle With NVIDIA Ansel

NVIDIA Ansel is a revolutionary technology that hands gamers the tools to capture unique, professional-grade 2D, 360° and Virtual Reality 360° screenshots on GeForce GTX graphics cards. Today, at a special event at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, KONAMI announced that the PC version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 will feature NVIDIA Ansel, enabling football fans to capture stunning screenshots.

By pressing Alt+F2 during gameplay Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 players with GeForce GTX graphics cards can personally-frame the camera, adjust the field of view and rotation of the screen, add optional Instagram-style filters, completely adjust the style of the image with our newly-unveiled AI Style Transfer technology, and save to shareable filetypes with a single click.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 NVIDIA Ansel 4K Screenshot

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 NVIDIA Ansel 4K Screenshot Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 NVIDIA Ansel 4K Screenshot Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 NVIDIA Ansel 4K Screenshot

Users can also take advantage of the power of their GeForce GTX graphics cards to capture Ansel screenshots at “super resolutions” that are up to 33 times larger than the most commonly-used gaming resolution, 1920x1080. These shots can be downsampled to create incredibly-detailed screenshots and desktop wallpapers, and can even be printed if you want your very best game photography to adorn your wall.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 NVIDIA Ansel 8K Super Resolution Screenshot

Alternatively, capture a 360-degree panorama that you can view in VR, on your phone, on Facebook, and in a browser with a plugin. In the context of Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, shots can be captured in the middle of the action, giving viewers a unique experience where they can pan around the ball and see the opposing teams jostling for control.

Click here to load an interactive 360° Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 NVIDIA Ansel PC screenshot

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 launches September 12th in North America, and September 14th in Europe. To capture beautiful NVIDIA Ansel screenshots from the beautiful game, you’ll need to download our Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Game Ready driver when it’s released.

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