AI is no longer limited exclusively to advanced technologies and uses cases like self-driving cars and data science research. It’s become mainstream, helping enhance the lives of those who use it, especially content creators. Today we’re highlighting the AI-enhanced applications from our friends at Topaz Labs.

For shots taken in less-than-perfect scenarios, Topaz Labs has leveraged machine learning to bring AI into their solutions, such as DeNoise AI and Sharpen AI. Topaz Labs uses NVIDIA TensorCores exclusively for training their neural network, and when the customer uses the application, the AI processes are accelerated on the GPU for a streamlined workflow and great results.

DeNoise AI targets the noise found in the image and intelligently applies the best solution for removing it without sacrificing detail loss for a crisp, clear result. There are three adjustment sliders that allow for manual edits beyond the automated detection: Remove Noise, Enhance Sharpness, and Restore Detail. It is always important to remove any damaging defects before applying any color, detail or creative adjustments to the images.

Sharpen AI automatically analyzes and corrects photos with bad focus, camera shake, and general softness. The neural network is trained with millions of blur-sharp image pairs, and after months of training, the neural network can sharpen images of those it has never seen before. There are three processing modes for different look and feel of the photo: Sharpen, Stabilize, and Focus.

Comparing the original and sharpened images above, it’s easy to see the dramatic improvement in visual quality with details synthesized by Sharpen AI, rather than simply sharpening the edges, through the power of AI.

With AI integration being explored more and more for things like supersampling, denoising, and slow motion, photographers and videographers can look forward to a higher quality and less tedious editing cycle.