What’s New in GeForce NOW 2.0.12

Streamlined User Interface

  • Keep it simple. The new GeForce NOW PC and Mac app UI is built for simplicity and customization. No more scrolling for the game you want -- hit the search bar, find your game, add it to your library, and start playing. Not sure where to start? Our most popular games are up front, ready to add to your library and play.
  • BYOG to build your library. The new GeForce NOW is an open platform -- you bring the games, and we bring the performance. The new interface is all about your library. Search for your games, click +LIBRARY to add the game to your library, and marvel at the massiveness of your collection. Plus, they’ll follow you to all the devices you use GFN on.
  • +10 to Search checks.  The new UI includes improved search capability, including support for more complex searches. You wouldn't believe how much time we’ve spent with a thesaurus, finding synonyms for genres. Looking for a post-apocalyptic game that features kittens in sweaters? Yup, we may have that...
  • It’s all in the details. We’ve expanded the info we have on every game in GFN, so you know which games require a controller, which games were made by indie teams, and more.
  • Whatcha think? Use the exclamation icon in the top-right to send us your feedback.

Bug Fixes

  • Bugs on the backend. You may not have even known the bugs were there. But we did. And we eradicated them. We’re on sentry mode for these things.


Let’s Hear From You

  • Share your feelings. GeForce NOW gets better every time you share your input with us. Use that exclamation icon to send feedback in the app to let us know how you feel.