What’s New in GeForce NOW 2.0.15

Local Mouse Cursor Added

  • We now draw the mouse cursor locally in your app with games that use a hardware cursor, such as League of Legends and Path of Exile.
  • This improves latency, speeds up cursor response times, and improves game menu navigation, resulting in a better overall mouse feel.
  • Previously, GeForce NOW would draw your cursor progress at our server location, adding some round trip time.  Games that do not support hardware cursor will continue to draw the cursor at the server location.
  • Click the exclamation icon and let us know how the new cursor works for you. Your feedback helps us dial it in.

Gotta Go Fast

  • Game sessions will now launch even faster - by as much as 1.3 seconds. Every second you’re not in the game is a moment wasted, right?

New and Improved Network Tester

  • The time it takes to run a network test has been reduced from around 15 seconds to a mere five seconds. We are rolling this update out to each of our GeForce NOW data centers over the coming weeks, so it may take some time to reach everyone.
  • Need even more help with your connection? Click here.

New Highlights In-Game Overlay Shortcuts

  • Our new app updates some keyboard shortcuts  used to activate the In-Game Overlay and record your content using NVIDIA Highlights.
  • The new shortcuts  are Ctrl+G on PC or Cmd+G on Mac
  • For a full list of all keyboard shortcuts, please read this knowledge base article.

Tell Us What’s Up

  • GeForce NOW gets better every time you share your input with us. Use that exclamation icon in the app to give us your feedback. Thanks!