What's new in en-US GFN 2.0.4 MOCK CONTENT CLONED FROM GeForce Experience

We’ve added more Highlights and Ansel titles and support for GeForce RTX graphics cards.

Capture your best moments in more games using NVIDIA Highlights!

  • Highlights is now included in the latest game updates for Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale, Dirty Bomb Switchblade, and Prey Mooncrash.

Take amazing game photos with our improved Ansel Photo Mode

  • Press [Alt+F2] and start using Ansel Photo Mode for Jurassic World Evolution, Tropico 6, Pro Evolution Soccer 2019, and Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age. Take photos from over 66 supported Ansel games, share them to our new game photography gallery, Shot with GeForce, and participate in our monthly contest.

Record and Broadcast your gameplay at the same time!

  • Press [Alt+Z] to turn on Instant Replay, Record, AND Broadcast Live - all at the same time! You can now archive high quality videos of your broadcasts to Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.

New Filters for Freestyle Game Filters and Ansel Photo Mode

  • We’re introducing three new depth-based filters for Ansel and Freestyle that’ll allow you to further customize your screenshots and capture gameplay. Use Green Screen Filter to remove and replace the background, Sticker Filter to add customizable PNGs into your game, and Letterbox Filter for cinematic video recordings. Check out an example on GeForce.com.

Added support for GeForce RTX graphics cards

  • We’ve added support for GeForce RTX graphic cards so you can optimize your gaming rig with Game Ready Drivers and Optimal Playable Settings as well as capture content using Ansel, Freestyle, and Highlights. Additionally, GeForce Experience also now supports RTX technologies such as Deep Learning Super-Sampling (DLSS).

Squashed bugs!

  • Fixed an issue where videos are not captured at 60FPS.
  • Fixed an issue when GeForce Experience launches with a blank home page.
  • FIxed an issue when Game Ready Driver update exits abruptly after selecting clean install.
  • Fixed an issue where In-Game Overlay stops working after minimizing the game.
  • Fixed an issue where broadcast viewers count, comments and likes incorrectly persist between broadcasting sessions.
  • Fixed an issue where users could not set a new video recording path if the previous one got corrupted.
  • Fixed an issue where recording stops working after the user toggles the FPS counter.
  • Fixed an issue where upload to Weibo stops working.
  • Fixed an issue where the mouse is misaligned for selected games when Windows display settings are set greater than 100%.
  • Fixed an issue where ARMA III, Overwatch & Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus minimize when the in-game overlay is invoked.
  • Improved performance and stability for Shadowplay record, Driver installation, and Gamestream launch.


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