Hyperbolic Composition I: Genesis

Scott Eaton

2019 / Drawing, GAN, custom dataset

When Scott wants to augment his artistic practice, he turns to deep neural networks. The expressive, novel figurative representations that emerge from that exploration take on a life of their own.

The Process

Scott’s ‘Figures’ dataset comprises 30,000+ unique photographs that he shot in the studio from a diverse set of volunteers over a two-year period. The usability of a neural network is often directly related to the quality of the training inputs, so carefully curating these was critical to building AI tools in his artistic practice. 


A selection of time lapse videos from his drawing sessions is translated by the “Figures” network—an NVIDIA pix2pixHD, image-to-image translation generative adversarial (GAN) network. The network continually assesses the lines, shapes, and contours of each drawing for body patterns it ‘recognizes,’ then shades and renders them as appropriately as possible.  


The drawing process for the master image for Fall of the Damned is underway. The final artwork is 2.2 meters tall, so the preparatory drawing had to be incredibly detailed. The final drawing was too big to fit in GPU memory, so was processed through the neural network in chunks of 8192x4096 before being combined into its final size of 20500x15200 pixels.

The Experience

Scott Eaton

Scott Eaton

Scott Eaton is an artist, educator, and creative technologist residing in London, UK. His work pushes the boundaries of figurative representation by combining traditional craft with contemporary digital tools. He got his master’s degree from the MIT Media Lab and studied academic drawing and sculpture in Florence, Italy. In addition to his own practice, Scott frequently collaborates with other artists and studios, as well as consulting widely in the visual effects, animation, and games industries.