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GauGAN AI Art Tool Demo

AI Demo

A Pigment of Your Imagination: GauGAN AI Art Tool

From amateur doodlers to leading digital artists, creators are coming out in droves to produce masterpieces with GauGAN.

Art by Refik Anadol

AI in Art

The Inspiring Process of Refik Anadol’s Artistic Collaborations with AI Revealed

From the human brain to New York City, Anadol’s interdisciplinary re-imaginings inspire us all.

Download the GANVerse3D Extension

AI in Omniverse

GANverse3D - Image2Car Extension in Omniverse Create

GANverse3D - Image2Car is now available as an extension in the NVIDIA Omniverse AI Toy Box for researchers and creators to experiment within Omniverse Create.

The extension accelerates 3D model workflows and gives new capabilities to individuals with no 3D modeling abilities.

Create with Marbles Contest

AI in Omniverse


Learn how to create marvelous machines using Marbles RTX assets and Omniverse Physics in Omniverse Create.

Listen to Holly Herndon Teach a Neural Network to Sing

AI in Music

Hear Holly Herndon Teach a Neural Network to Sing

A choir of generated voices trained by humans at a music event in Berlin sheds light on how music can be made harmoniously with humans and AI.

Reconstruct Photos with AI

AI Demo

AI Imaging Technique Reconstructs Photos with Realistic Results

Give it a shot with a landscape or portrait. Erase at will, get rid of  photobombers—or your ex—and  see what happens when new pixels are painted into the holes.

Play with AI

See NVIDIA AI Research in Action in these fun, intriguing, and artful projects. And you don’t need to know how to code to use these demos.

Play with AI
The Best of Global AI Art

The Best in AI Art from Around the Globe

Discover the beauty, energy, and insight of AI creations in visual art, music, and poetry.

NVIDIA Omniverse Gallery

See what the community has #MadeInOmniverse and get inspired for your next creation in the metaverse.

The NVIDIA Omniverse Gallery

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