Jeremy Bernstein


Hometown: Manchester, U.K.
California Institute of Technology

Student Page:

Research: Building smarter machines involves a complicated co-evolution of learning algorithms, neural architectures and underlying hardware. Jeremy is interested in exploring and charting the frontiers of this design space. For example, his past work involved leveraging new theoretical insights about optimisation to more efficiently distribute learning over networked machines.

Jeremy Bernstein is a graduate student in the Department of Computation and Neural Systems at Caltech, working on core machine learning. He studied physics and computer science at Trinity College, Cambridge where he earnt BA and MSci degrees. During undergraduate days, he served as president of the Trinity College Students’ Union, focusing on college access and outreach. He also squeezed in a year at MIT and Harvard studying theoretical physics, machine learning and computational neuroscience, supported by a BP fellowship. At Caltech, he co-founded Caltech Letters ( to help students communicate their research.