Samsung SmartThings on SHIELD

Samsung SmartThings on Shield

Along with Google Assistant, SHIELD TV integrates the Samsung SmartThings Hub as part of its Home AI services*.  By attaching a SmartThings Link, SHIELD becomes a fully features SmartThings Hub.

SmartThings features include:

  • Connecting and controlling smart home devices via Wifi, BlueTooth, Zigbee or Z-Wave Plus
  • Configuring automated smart routines

SmartThings Link

In order to connect to Zigbee or Z-Wave devices, a SmartThings Link must be connected to SHIELD.  SmartThings Link devices can be purchased directly from SmartThings at this link.  

Setting up SmartThings on SHIELD

To setup SmartThings on SHIELD you will need a SmartThings Link, and a mobile phone running iOS or Android 

  1. If you do not already have a SmartThings Link, you may purchase one from Samsung at this link.
  2. Insert the SmartThings link into your SHIELD's USB port
  3. Follow the on screen instructions to download the SmartThings for SHIELD TV app and to complete the setup .

Additional Information

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