Quadro SLI
Quadro SLI

Sistemas y Placas Base con Certificación SLI

NVIDIA SLI technology links multiple Quadro GPUs together to improve graphics performance. NVIDIA recommends SLI branded systems and motherboards with SLI capable Quadro GPUs using the R450 driver or later to maintain Quadro premium standards.

Quadro SLI con 2 GPU proporciona cuatro funciones en todas las placas base habilitadas

  • Accelerate virtual reality renderings with VR SLI.
  • Synchronize multiple displays with NVIDIA Mosaic. A single Quadro Sync II board supports up to 4 GPUs and provides the same functionality for up to 4 GPUs while dual Quadro Sync II boards support up to 8 GPUs for Mosaic.

See the table below for a list of SLI-supported devices for R445 drivers and below.