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NVIDIA Omniverse is a scalable, multi-GPU virtual world platform that enables 3D design collaboration and true-to-reality simulation. Creators, designers, engineers, and enterprises can connect their assets, libraries, and software applications and freely iterate in a shared virtual world. Developers can extend the open Omniverse platform to build tools and microservices to streamline their workflows.


Jensen Huang | NVIDIA | Founder and CEO

Watch the keynote replay to hear Jensen Huang's insight into how NVIDIA is driving the rapid pace of technology advancements to help solve the world's toughest challenges.

Featured Speakers

 Tim Sweeney

A Vision of the Metaverse

Tim Sweeney 
Founder and CEO, Epic Games

Jinsoo Jeon

A Vision of the Metaverse

Jinsoo Jeon
VP, Head of Metaverse Company, SK Telecom

Willim Cui

A Vision of the Metaverse

Willim Cui
CVP, Interactive Entertainment Group, Tencent 

Katja Reitemeyer

Developer Breakout: Build, License and Distribute Your Omniverse Extensions, Apps, and Connectors

Katja Reitemeyer 
Director of Omniverse Development Toolkits, NVIDIA

Sessions By Topic


  • A New Era of Realism: Building Breathtaking Cinematic Renderings in Omniverse

    • Andrew Averkin, Lead Environmental Artist, NVIDIA

    Hear from one of NVIDIA's expert environmental artists and see how a retro-gaming inspired bedroom scene came together over just a few days of work. Dive into a workflow featuring Autodesk 3ds Max, NVIDIA Omniverse Create, Omniverse Connectors, V-Ray, and the Omniverse RTX Renderer. 

  • Discover iClone to Omniverse: The Complete Character Animation Workflow

    • Elvis Huang, Head of Innovation, Reallusion 
    • John Martin II, Vice President, Reallusion

    Learn how to create, animate, and deploy digital humans and 3D characters for Omniverse Create and Machinima. The Reallusion character animation pipeline consists of a workflow to easily build and animate characters with Character Creator and iClone. 

  • Meet the Omniverse Experts: Materials and Rendering Technology in Omniverse

    • Ignacio Llamas, Senior Director/Distinguished Engineer - Omniverse RTX, NVIDIA
    • Simon Yuen, Director of Graphics and AI, NVIDIA
    • Morteza Ramezanali, Principal Engineer, NVIDIA
    • Frankie Liu, Senior Product Manager, NVIDIA

    Learn more about the Omniverse RTX Renderer, MDL, the Omniverse Universal Material Mapper or the newly released OmniSurface uber material shader in this session led by one of NVIDIA’s senior engineers. 




Sessions From Around the World

  • NVIDIA IndeX in Omniverse: Scientific Visualization and Photo-real Depictions of Volume Data in a Collaborative Environment

    • Marc Nienhaus, Director NVIDIA IndeX Product Technology, NVIDIA

    Learn how NVIDIA IndeX in Omniverse enables the interactive scientific visualization and photo-real image generation of large-scale, complex volume data. 

    Country/Location: Germany

  • Animated Storytelling: Turn a Story into an Animated Film with NVIDIA Technologies

    • Michael Berhanu, Co-founder, ARMA 

    ARMA co-founder Michael Berhanu will share how NVIDIA technologies enable creative artists and storytellers to produce artwork collaboratively and tell their stories through animation.

    Country/Location: Ethiopia

  • Unlimited Vegetation Asset Customization in Omniverse

    • Mathieu Riveccie, Director of Product management - DCC, Bentley Systems

    In this presentation, we will show you how e-on software's PlantFactory vegetation modeling technologies - and the PlantCatalog dedicated asset collections - can help you enrich your scenes with unlimited botanically accurate USD vegetation models, custom tailored for Omniverse. You'll see how you can easily change the shape, age, season, health, growth, variation, or wind intensity of PlantCatalog assets, and integrate them back to your Omniverse stage.

    Country/Location: France

  • Wearing the Omniverse: Photogrammetry Applied to Clothing

    • Jesus Luque, CTO Peris Digital
    • Sergio Martinez Portela, Head Software Engineer Peris Digital

    From the costumers of Bridgerton, Peaky Blinders, and the Queen’s Gambit, learn about a revolutionary new process to digitize over 7.5 million garments on demand, unlocking the possibility of using higher-quality digital garments for secondary characters or main characters, avoiding the need to use several instances of the same garment on different characters and improving the quality and realism of the productions.

    Country/Location Spain

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