Sun Workstations: Profit from the Inventor of the Workstation Category


Ever wanted to own a workstation made by the company who invented the category? Sun Ultra Workstation Meet the Sun Ultra 24 Workstation.

Sun was founded 27 years ago as a workstation company (Stock symbol was “SUNW”)
Today, our experts in workstation design, operating systems, benchmarking, and performance tuning, deliver the tools to ensure your project meets schedule and your iterations in designs are reduced. Nurturing content is critical and Sun treats it very seriously. We continue to maintain decade-long relationships with workstation software vendors (MCAE, MCAE, EDA, Oil & Gas). We have an installed base of over one million workstation at leading companies and our workstations are placed in the most critical paths of projects.

The Sun Ultra 24 Workstation, Sun's 1st workstation in 20 years based on the Intel Architecture, demonstrates Sun's commitment to deliver one of the most compelling technical workstation in the industry. NVIDIA Quadro Designed to benefit companies with technical desktop computing workloads, the Sun Ultra 24 Workstation offers a powerful desktop compute node at a starting price under $1,000 USD. Within a tower form-factor, The Sun Ultra 24 Workstation supports leading operating systems and applications, the fastest processor speed grades available, the fastest memory available, and only ISV-certified workstation-class NVIDIA Quadro graphics accelerators. Above all, the Sun Ultra 24 Workstation meets or exceeds the buying criteria of the discerning workstation professional, at a price-performance ratio not previously available from Sun. “Entry-level” only from a pricing perspective, The Sun Ultra 24 Workstation is inherently a workstation worthy to be placed in the critical path of mission-critical projects.

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