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STB Systems' MVP Pro-128 Offered in New Compaq AP400 Workstation


First WHQL Certified Multi-monitor Accelerator Delivers Exceptional Text, Graphics, and Video Acceleration To Professional Workstation line

For Immediate Release

Richardson, Texas - (June 12, 1998) - STB Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ-STBI), a leading supplier of multimedia subsystem products to the OEM community, announced today that its groundbreaking multi-monitor accelerator, the MVP Pro-128, will be offered in the Professional Workstation AP400, the first entry in the new "Affordable Performance" line of workstations from Compaq Computer Corporation?. STB's MVP Pro-128 is a graphics accelerator that allows you to manipulate data over multiple screens on a virtual desktop.

"The MVP Pro-128 is an outstanding solution for performance users with intensive needs such as those in the financial service industries," comments Vanessa Ogle, general manager for STB's Specialized Technology Group. "The fact that it is the first multi-monitor graphics accelerator to pass Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) standards and receive certification proves that STB is dedicated to producing not only high quality single channel accelerators, but high quality multi-monitor accelerators as well."

"By combining the power of two RIVA 128s, STB's MVP Pro-128 delivers the processing capability necessary for graphics-intensive applications such as financial modeling," said Jen-Hsun Huang, president and CEO of NVIDIA Corporation?. "Compaq's selection of the MVP Pro-128 validates STB's ability to provide innovative solutions for high-end visualization markets."

The Multi-monitor Accelerator at the Top of its Class
The MVP Pro-128 is the multi-monitor counterpart to STB's Velocity 128, which has won numerous awards in the computer industry. The MVP Pro-128 delivers superior 3D graphics performance and outstanding 2D graphics and video performance. Available in two-port and four-port configurations, the MVP Pro-128 provides full Windows NT 4.0 acceleration at all mainstream resolutions and color depths for performance-level business applications. Multiple MVP cards can be installed in the same system to drive a maximum of 16 monitors from a single computer.

The STB MVP Pro-128 is powered by multiple RIVA 128 integrated 128-bit 2D/3D/Video accelerators from NVIDIA?. The STB MVP Pro-128 includes a 230 MHz integrated RAMDAC for exceptional resolutions and refresh rates on flat panel displays and SVGA monitors up to 21". The MVP Pro-128 provides up to 16MB of high-speed 100MHz SGRAM video memory, plus a Digital Video Engine that delivers X/Y interpolating scaling. The MVP Pro-128 is available in a small PCI form factor supporting two graphics ports, plus an optional twin-port daughter card that gives the accelerator a four-port capacity.

Simply The Best!
STB Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:STBI), based in Richardson, Texas, designs and manufactures award-winning 3D multimedia accelerators, convergence products, professional-class 3D graphics adapters, and multi-port display solutions for use in consumer and business desktop computers. Since its founding in 1981, STB has been a pioneering force in the field of new graphics technologies for personal computers. Extensive manufacturing resources, engineering expertise, and consistent quality have established STB as a leading supplier to top-tier PC manufacturers including Compaq, Dell, Gateway 2000, IBM and others. STB has multiple facilities in North America, as well as offices in London (England), Belfast (Northern Ireland) and Paris (France). For additional information, visit STB's home page at // on the World Wide Web.