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NVIDIA and Discreet Develop 3ds max CgFX Plug-In for Artists and Programmers


Plug-in Available Immediately for Download Free of Charge at and Web sites

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For Immediate Release:

SANTA CLARA, CA AND SAN FRANCISCO, CA—NOVEMBER 13, 2002—NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA), the worldwide leader in visual processing solutions, and Discreet, a division of Autodesk, Inc. today announced the availability of a CgFX plug-in for 3ds max™ 5, Discreet’s professional 3D animation and modeling software.  A provider of award-winning systems and software for digital media creation, management and delivery, Discreet developed the new 3ds max CgFX Plug-in with NVIDIA to allow artists to author and visualize content in 3ds max using advanced hardware rendering and the Cg (“C for graphics”) high level language.  Cg was developed in close collaboration with Microsoft Corporation and works with OpenGL®, DirectX®, Microsoft® HLSL (High-Level Shading Language) and assembly language.

“We’re bringing tremendous added value and time savings to 3ds max users with this important step in the drive toward real-time cinematic rendering,” said Jeff Yates, Director of 3D Software Development at Discreet.   “3ds max 5 artists will no longer be waiting to see what their exported content looks like in a final game or application environment.  The CgFX Plug-in uses the graphics hardware horsepower to apply and render the effects in real time while they are modeling.  This is a radical change for our artists that leverages the Viewport Manager technology we introduced in 3ds max 5.”

With the Cg high level language and the CgFX file format accessible in 3ds max 5, users will be able to take fuller advantage of their NVIDIA graphics processing unit’s (GPU’s) capabilities to create more compelling and realistic digital content.  Artists will especially appreciate the ability to see effects and models as they’ll appear in their final form in a game or application while designing them in 3ds max.  The 3ds max CgFX Plug-in is available for download today free of charge from the and Web sites.

“The CgFX plug-in is undoubtedly remarkable,” said Eric Nofsinger, vice president of Creative Content at High Voltage Software.  “Here at High Voltage Software, our artists love the CgFX plug-in to such an extent that it’s almost unhealthy. It provides them with powerful control over real-time effects.  They can use it within our proprietary Atlas Tech Engine to apply and tune our core shaders within the max viewport. On top of that, the CgFX plug-in works directly with the Cg Language and DirectX 9 Effect framework (.fx), giving our team easy access to this new standard for shaders.”

“As Cg continues to mature and proliferate, one of the most exciting things we’re going to see is a worldwide library of shaders all based on a standard shader format,” said Dan Vivoli, vice president of marketing at NVIDIA.  “Discreet 3ds max artists and game programmers industry-wide will be able to share and enhance shaders instead of being limited to what’s available from their in-house programmers.  And, when a shader needs to be altered, programmers can easily make changes directly to the CgFX file itself instead of having to dig deep within the core of their game engine. We’re pleased that NVIDIA and Discreet can bring this capacity to 3D artists worldwide.”

The 3ds max CgFX Plug-in brings a whole palette of shaders directly into the authoring software package.  Accessible from the Viewport Manager located within the 3ds max Material Editor, DirectX users gain a custom, intuitive GUI featuring real-time effects with sliders and other artist-friendly interfaces.  Existing shaders can be easily edited in the CgFX file directly using Visual Studio .NET or the animation artist’s favorite editor.  New CgFX shaders downloaded from the Web can be loaded right into the CgFX shader palette.  CgFX shaders also follow the standard set by Microsoft’s latest D3DX Effect.fx file format, and are fully compatible with Microsoft’s HLSL.

In addition to the CgFX Plug-in, NVIDIA is also releasing the CgFX Viewer today.  Available as a free download from the and Web sites, the CgFX Viewer is a standalone application that serves as a comprehensive example of Cg integration for OpenGL and DirectX developers.  The CgFX Viewer also serves as a shader prototyping and editing environment that can load CgFX content exported from 3ds max. NVIDIA created the CgFX Viewer to approximate a typical game development pipeline and to provide source-code to developers to speed their development cycle.  For more information about the 3ds max CgFX Plug in, the CgFX Viewer, the Cg Language Specification, the NVIDIA Cg Compiler or NVIDIA’s next-generation CineFX architecture, go to //

About Cg
Emerging as the “C” for graphics, the Cg Language Specification provides developers with a complete programming environment that is easy to use and allows for the fast creation of special effects and real-time cinematic quality experiences on multiple platforms.  By providing a new level of abstraction, Cg removes the need for developers to program directly to the graphics hardware assembly language, and thereby more easily target OpenGL and DirectX.  For more information about Cg or to download user documentation, go to //

About Discreet
Discreet empowers moving media professionals to realize the visual experience, transforming their most evocative and ambitious visions into reality. Its range of award-winning systems and software is developed for digital media creation, management and delivery—across all disciplines from visual effects and editing to animation, game development, web/interactive design, and design visualization. Discreet is based in Montreal, Quebec and is a division of Autodesk, Inc., the world's leading design and digital media creation, management, and distribution company. Product and corporate information is located on the Internet at

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