NVIDIA GPU Computing Poster Showcase

NVIDIA Fellows

Poster #1 - Diamos, Gregory
Georgia Tech (United States)
Extending Register Renaming To Memory Renaming

Poster #2 - Lin, Yen-Tzu
Carnegie Mellon (United States)
Reducing Die-Scrap Cost through Utilization of GPUs

Poster #3 - Meng, Jiayuan
University of Virginia (United States)
Dynamic Warp Subdivision for Non-Speculative Runahead SIMT Gather

Poster #4 - Patney, Anjul
University of California, Davis (United States)
Interactive Subdivision of Smooth Surfaces on GPUs

Poster #5 - Pinto, Nicolas
MIT (United States)
A High-Throughput Screening Approach to Discovering Good Forms of Biologically-Inspired Visual Representation

Poster #7 - Ufimtsev, Ivan
Stanford University (United States)
Quantum Chemistry on GPU: Towards Real World Applications

Poster #8 - Vo, Huy
University of Utah (United States)
A Parallel Streaming Framework for Multi-Processing-Unit Systems

AI, Vision, Speech

Poster #9 - Coates, Daniel
University of California, Berkeley (United States)
Probabilistic Visual Computation with Spiking Neurons, Population Codes, and CUDA

Poster #10 - De Souza, Alberto
Laboratorio de Computacao de Alto Desempenho (Brasil)
Implementation in C+CUDA of Multi-Label Text Categorizers

Poster #11 - De Souza, Alberto
Laboratorio de Computacao de Alto Desempenho (Brasil)
Implementation of a Biologically Inspired Stereoscopic Vision Model in C+CUDA

Poster #13 - Domanski, Luke
CSIRO (Australia)
3D Image Deconvolution on Heterogeneous Compute Stations

Poster #14 - Domanski, Luke
CSIRO (Australia)
Parallel van Herk/Gil-Werman image morphology on GPUs using CUDA

Poster #15 - Fassold, Hannes
Joanneum Research (Austria)
Fast GPU-based KLT feature point tracking using CUDA

Poster #17 - Gupta, Kshitij
University of California, Davis (United States)
Towards High Quality Speech Recognition on Low-End GPUs

Poster #18 - Houzet, Dominique
Grenoble INP / GIPSA-Lab (France)
Parallel Implementation of a Visual Saliency Model

Poster #19 - Ivanov, Paul
University of California, Berkeley (United States)
Estimating the Entropy of Natural Scenes from Nearest Neighbors using CUDA

Poster #20 - Kider, Joseph
University of Pennsylvania (United States)
High-Dimensional Planning on the GPU

Poster #21 - Muyan-Ozcelik, Pinar
University of California, Davis (United States)
Speed-limit Sign Recognition with GPU Computing

Poster #22 - O'Donovan, Adam
University of Maryland (United States)
Audio Camera: Real Time Audio Imaging and Analysis

Poster #23 - Plyer, Aurelien
Onera (France)
FOLKI-GPU: A powerful and versatile CUDA code for real-time optical flow computation

Poster #24 - Sorci, Matteo
Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (Switzerland)
Robust Facial Expression Recognition

Poster #25 - Srinivasan, Balaji Vasan
University of Maryland (United States)
Scaling kernel machine learning algorithm via the use of GPUs


Poster #26 - Cheryauka, Arvi
GE Healthcare (United States)
Interactive GPU IP Chain Simulator for Mobile X-Ray Imaging

Poster #27 - Dowsey, Andrew
Imperial College (United Kingdom)
A Real-time Simulation, Guidance and Visualisation Platform for Intra-operative Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery

Poster #28 - Gipp, Markus
University of Heidelberg (Germany)
Haralick Texture Features Computation Accelerated by GPUs in Biological Applications

Poster #29 - Hissoiny, Sami
Polytechnique Montreal (Canada)
Radiotherapy Dose Calculation Acceleration with CUDA

Poster #30 - Jeong, Won-Ki
Harvard University (United States)
Neural Processes Segmentation in Confocal Microscopy Datasets using the GPU

Poster #31 - Marcus, Guillermo and Bernard, Timo
University of Heidelberg (Germany)
Using GPUs for Lossless-JPEG real-time image decompression of high-throughput microscope data

Poster #32 - Richter, Rainer
Cleveland Clinic (United State)
SNP Generic Data Analysis

Poster #34 - Roberts, Mike
University of Calgary in Canada
CUDA Accelerated Sparse Field Level Set Segmentation on Large Medical Data Sets

Poster #35 - Schreier, Ludwig
University of Central Lancashire (United Kingdom)
GPU implementation of Cell Dynamics simulation for block copolymer systems


Poster #36 - Clark, Joshua
University of Minnesota (United States)
Particle Dispersion Modeling and Visualization in Urban Environments Using CUDA

Poster #38 - Smithwick, Quinn
MIT (United States)
Update on Realtime shader rendering of holographic stereograms (POSTER NOT AVAILABLE)

Poster #39 - Zhao, Yong
Brown University (United States)
Real-Time High Definition Stereo on GPGPU using Progressive Multi-Resolution Adaptive Windows


Poster #40 - AbuZayyad, Tareq
University of Wisconsin - Madison (United States)
Monte Carlo Simulation of Photon Propagation and Detection by the IceCube Neutrino Detector

Poster #41 - Caruso, Francesco
Politecnico di Milano (Italy)
First steps towards real garment simulation on massive parallelism hardware

Poster #42 - Cheung, Mark
Lockheed Martin (United States)
Topological Studies of Solar Magnetic Fields

Poster #43 - Chiu, Ting-Wai
National Taiwan University (Taiwan)
Simulation of Lattice QCD with a GPU Cluster

Poster #44 - Clark, Mike
Boston University (United States)
Mixed-precision GPU Krylov solver for lattice QCD

Poster #45 - Deng, Yangdong
Carnegie Mellon (United States)
Using GPUs for Internet Routing Processing

Poster #46 - Faircloth, Daniel
Georgia Tech (United States)
Implementation and Issues Concerning Higher-Order Moment Method Simulations on CUDA-Enabled GPUs (POSTER NOT AVAILABLE)

Poster #47 - Fu, Zhisong
University of Utah (United States)
Solving Eikonal Equations on Triangulated Surface Mesh with CUDA

Poster #49 - Herrmann, Frank
University of Maryland (United States)
Integrating Post-Newtonian Equations on Graphics Processing Units

Poster #50 - Hobiger, Thomas
National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (Japan)
A real-time GPS software receiver running on the GPU

Poster #51 - Hobiger, Thomas
National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (Japan)
Computation of atmospheric delay corrections on GPUs

Poster #52 - Jacobsen, Dana
Association for Computing Machinery (United States)
Massively Parallel Incompressible Navier-Stokes Computations on the NCSA Lincoln Tesla Cluster

Poster #53 - Lee, Paul
University of Virginia (United States)
Design Space Exploration for Integrated CPU-GPU Chips

Poster #54 - Lee, R. Todd
Georgia Tech (United States)
Strategies for Accelerating a Finite-Difference Time-Domain Code Using CUDA (POSTER NOT AVAILABLE)

Poster #56 - Lin, Jim Ching-Rong
Landmark Halliburton (United States)
Interactive 3D seismic attribute volume generation with parallel graphics hardware (POSTER NOT AVAILABLE)

Poster #57 - Lu, Jesse
Stanford University (United States)
Nanophotonic Simulation using CUDA (POSTER NOT AVAILABLE)

Poster #59 - Peters, Ama nda
Harvard University (United States)
Model of Evolutionary Game Dynamics Accelerated Using GPU Hardware

Poster #60 - Tarbutton, Joshua
Clemson University (United States)
GPU Accelerated Path Planning for Multi-Axis Machine Tool Enhancement

Poster #61 - Tzeng, Stanley
A Paradigm for Divide and Conquer Algorithms on the GPU and its Application to the Quickhull Algorithm

Poster #62 - Wakatani, Akiyoshi
Konan University (Japan)
CUDA Implementation of a LBG method for VQ

Poster #63 - Wang, Shuang
University of Oklahoma (United States)
Noise Adaptive LDPC decoding using Particle filtering based on parallel GPU architecture

Poster #64 - Wayth, Randall
Curtin University of Technology (Australia)
A GPU-based Real-time Software Correlation System for the Murchison Widefield Array Prototype

Poster #65 - Zaspel, Peter
Universitat Bonn (Germany)
Towards a multi-GPU solver for the three-dimensional two-phase incompressible Navier-Stokes equations


Poster #66 - Battaglino, Casey
MIT (United States)
GPUOctave - Enabling GPU Computing for GNU Octave (POSTER NOT AVAILABLE)

Poster #67 - Brock, James
Northeastern University (United States)
Task and Data Parallel Framework for GPU Computing (POSTER NOT AVAILABLE)

Poster #68 - Davidson, Andrew
University of California, Davis (United States)
CUDA Data Parallel Prefix (CUDPP) Library: A Powerful Toolkit for GPU Computing (POSTER NOT AVAILABLE)

Poster #69 - Dittamo, Cristian
Universita di Pisa (Italy)
Filling the gap between GPUs and Virtual Machinges computational models

Poster #70 - Dominguez, Rodrigo
Northeastern University (United States)
Improving the Open64 Backend for GPUs

Poster #71 - Duraiswami, Ramani
University of Maryland (United States)
FLAGON: A library for using the GPU from Fortran 9X

Poster #72 - Edgar, Richard
Harvard University (United States)
SciGPU-GEMM: A Wrapper for Matrix-Matrix Multiplications on Low-End GPUs

Poster #73 - Feng, Wu
Virginia Tech (United States)
Accelerating Applications with Inter-Block GPU Communication via Fast Barrier Synchronization

Poster #74 - Gosink, Luke
University of California, Davis (United States)
Data Parallel Bin-based Indexing Strategies for Answering Queries on Multi-Core Architectures

Poster #75 - Lauer, Tobias
University of Freiburg (Germany)
Palo+GPU: A CUDA-powered In-memory OLAP Server

Poster #76 - Lever, Jake
Harvard University (United States)
PCA-Augmented Vector Quantization on the GPU

Poster #77 - Malony, Allen
University of Oregon (United States)
Performance Tool Integration in Programming Environments for GPU Acceleration: Experiences with TAU, TAUcuda, and HMPP

Poster #78 - Maruyama, Naoya
Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan)
A High-Performance Fault-Tolerant Software Framework for Memory on Commodity GPUs

Poster #79 - Nanjundappa, Mahesh
Virginia Tech (United States)
SCGPSim: A fast SystemC simulator on GPUs

Poster #80 - Padalikar, Sudnya
NFinTes (United States)
GPU-RPC: Exploiting The Latency Tolerance of CUDA Applications

Poster #81 - Rehman, Tauseef
Accelereyes (United States)
Multi-GPU Support for MATLAB using Jacket

Poster #82 - Alcantara, Dan
University of California, Davis (United States)
Real Time Parallel Hashing on the GPU

Poster #83 - Stuart, Jeff
University of California, Davis (United States)
DCGN – Message Passing on GPUs

Poster #84 - Taufer, Michela
University of Delaware (United States)
Improving Numerical Reproducibility and Stability in Large-Scale Numerical Simulations on GPUs.(POSTER NOT AVAILABLE)

Poster #85 - Wu, Ren
HP Labs (United States)
Very Large Scale Clustering on GPUs via Streaming

Poster #86 - Zhang, Yao
University of California, Davis (United States)
Fast Tridiagonal Solvers on GPU

Poster #87 - Zhao, Kaiyong
Hong Kong Baptist University (Hong Kong, China)
Implementation of Multiple-Precision Modular Multiplication on GPU

Poster #88 - Zou, Yi
University of California, Los Angeles (United States)
Parallel Multi-level Analytical Global Placement on Graphics Processing Units

Poster #89 – Mark Cheung
Stanford University (United States)
GPU Acceleration of the Scientific Data Analysis Package GDL

Poster #90 – Akila Gothandaraman
Center for Simulation and Modeling, University of Pittsburgh
CUDA Implementation of Monte Carlo Based Applications in Compuational Chemistry

Poster #91 – Bryan Catanzara
University of California, Berkeley (United States)
Efficient, High Quality Image Contour Detection