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Boston Scientific designs and manufactures pacemakers and other biomedical implants that are safe for use with MRIs and other diagnostic imaging tools. The design simulations required for this task are compute-intensive and take considerable time to run on standard computer clusters.


Boston Scientific turned to Acceleware, who provides a proprietary simulation solution combining Schmid & Partner Engineering AG’s SEMCAD X software and NVIDIA GPU computing solutions. As a result, engineers at Boston Scientific were able to speed up their simulations by up to 25x. Acceleware’s solution allowed Boston Scientific to tap into the high performance computing power of NVIDIA’s GPU computing architecture, dramatically reducing the time required to test various designs as each engineer’s desktop workstation now has the compute power of a cluster.


Using Acceleware’s solution, engineers at Boston Scientific are better able to investigate the influence and mutual dependency of multiple design variables. Not only can the simulations be conducted faster, resulting in lower-cost devices, but these advances also foster the development of new algorithms for simulating biomedical processes inside the body.

Nik Chavannes, Director of Software for Schmid & Partner, stated: “Running electromagnetic simulations using NVIDIA hardware accelerates processing times by factors of 25 or more--allowing a level of complexity to the analysis and optimization of medical products which nobody dreamed of, even two years ago. NVIDIA’s and Acceleware’s solutions have opened completely new worlds for Computational Electromagnetics.”

For more information, visit: www.acceleware.com
For more information about Boston Scientific, visit: www.bostonscientific.com
For more information about NVIDIA GPU computing solutions, visit www.nvidia.com/tesla