Adobe® After Effects® CC simplifies and accelerates the motion graphics workflow with an advanced 3D ray-traced rendering engine based on NVIDIA® OptiX™ technology. You can simply and quickly design realistic geometric text and shapes in 3D space, eliminating the traditional time-consuming back and forth with external 3D tools.

This fast GPU ray-tracing feature becomes truly interactive with NVIDIA GPUs¹, delivering final frames nearly 40X faster than with high-end CPUs alone. Editors can design more physically accurate scenes to create beautiful results such as reflections, transparency, soft shadows, and depth-of-field blur with NVIDIA GPUs. They can also interact smoothly with the new Live 3D pipeline between After Effects CC and Cinema 4D.

Recent innovations like major performance boosts for popular effects like Lumetri Color, Gaussian Blur Glow, and Mosaic, mean After Effects CC is faster than ever before with NVIDIA GPUs.

Simplifying the Motion Graphics Workflow.

¹ Compared with dual Intel Xeon E5 2687W 3.10GHz CPUs (16 total cores).

Note: The 3D ray-tracing feature will be available soon on NVIDIA GPUs based on NVIDIA Pascal™ architecture, which includes Quadro P6000 and P5000 GPUs.

After Effects CC
After Effects CC
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