Adobe Photoshop CC takes advantage of the innovative Mercury Graphics Engine for NVIDIA GPUs to create a smooth and intuitive design experience. New GPU-accelerated features include an expanded Blur Gallery, adding even more options for stylish image blurring; Focus Mask for automatically selecting the in-focus area of a photo; and upsampling, which enables high-quality up-scaling of images like those extracted from video frames. Other key GPU features include Smart Sharpen, Liquify, and more than 30 others.


Blur Gallery Motion Effects

Use NVIDIA GPUs to smoothly and quickly bring a sense of motion, drama, and excitement to your images. GPU support in the blur gallery has been expanded to a new set of amazing effect options, such as Path Blur that lets you add blur along any straight or curved path to create an illusion of motion. Also, the new Spin Blur lets you create a spinning look to objects like a tire or ferris wheel, simply by applying a circular and elliptical blurs.

Focus Mask

Photoshop CC can create an initial mask automatically by selecting the in-focus areas of your image. An NVIDIA GPU speeds up the process for a natural, interactive experience. Focus Mask also works well with headshots and other images that have shallow depth of field.

Fast, High-Quality Upsampling

NVIDIA GPUs now enables faster upsampling, which has been improved to preserve image details even more effectively in the process. This is helpful in applications like extracting a video frame to create a clean, high-quality photo.

Photoshop CC
Photoshop CC
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