Autodesk Flame Premium 2014, powered by NVIDIA GPUs

Fuel your Flame with NVIDIA Quadro M6000.

Autodesk® Flame® advances the art of finishing with new tools and workflows that help connect color and VFX. Its innovative visual effects, real-time color-grading, and editorial finishing post-production software are designed to help empower digital artists to do more, faster.

With Flame Premium 2017, lead Flame artists can oversee projects from the artist-driven visual environment of Flame while other artists and assistants can perform finishing tasks at the same time in Autodesk® Lustre®, Autodesk Flare™, and Autodesk Flame® Assist software. The 2017 release of Flame family products now features added support for the recently announced NVIDIA® Quadro® M6000 24GB graphics card in HP Z840 workstations.

The M6000 24GB GPU has twice the onboard texture RAM of the standard M6000, letting Flame artists load higher-resolution source images and 3D model textures. Performance and capacity increases will be most noticeable with complex Batch composites utilizing multiple high-resolution images and heavy image processing. It’s also noticeable when working with very high-resolution source images such as 5K and 6K RED camera raw files.


NVIDIA-Certified GPU