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The NVIDIA Cg Toolkit

To empower today's real-time graphics developers, NVIDIA has expanded graphics programming options to include straightforward, high-level language syntax. The NVIDIA(R) Cg Toolkit lets developers leverage built-in optimizations and programming efficiencies and rapidly develop real-time pixel and vertex shaders for stunning visual effects.

Based on the new industry-standard Cg language; the NVIDIA Cg Toolkit will revolutionize computer-generated graphics effects and bring cinematic realism to the desktop. The new high-level programming language benefits the entire industry:

  • Users gain increased realism, awesome visual effects, and GUIs that are more flexible.
  • Programmers can significantly shorten development times for complex effects.
  • Digital content creators and artists gain easier access to GPU power.
  • Application vendors will appreciate faster time to market and more unique looks.
  • Graphics hardware will more directly improve software performance. Developers can take advantage of the complete NVIDIA Cg Toolkit to access not only the compiler technology, but also the other tools that streamline the development of Cg shaders.
Cg enables increasingly rapid development of more applications.:

The current NVIDIA Cg Toolkit includes:

  • Cg Compiler
  • Cg Browser with many sample shaders
  • Cg Standard Library
  • Cg Runtime Libraries for DirectX and OpenGL
  • Cg Language specification
  • Cg User Manual

For more information about Cg solutions, please visit our Developer Relations Web site at //

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