Global Citizenship Report – FY2010

2010 Goals


2010 Goals

Every company has areas where they can improve. So, what’s on deck for NVIDIA in 2010?

  • Enhance our approach to professional development for all employees, with a special focus on training and development for new managers. In addition, we want to reinstate workforce training and development programs, such as tuition reimbursement, to help employees grow their technical and leadership skills. We also intend to launch an internal job board to enhance visibility of opportunity and retain talent.
  • Ensure that employees understand their total compensation package and how performance is linked to pay. To meet this goal, we are working to better articulate the employee value proposition and provide managers with resources to support employee communications.
  • Continue our support of diversity organizations on the national level, as well as targeted on-campus chapters. We also plan to attend local diversity college events where we assist students on resume and career planning.

Tell us how we did on our first global citizenship report. Your input can help shape our future priorities. After giving feedback, you can see responses from other stakeholders.