Global Citizenship Report – FY2010

Staff Turnover


Staff Turnover

Our overall global employee turnover rate is around 8 percent, considerably less than the average rate for technology companies, as reported by Radford Surveys. Our voluntary turnover rate is 5 percent, about one-third less than the technology industry overall.

2009 Overall Employee Turnover
Turnover by Age Group
20-30 Years 4%
31-50 Years 4%
51+ Years Below 1%
Total 8%
Turnover by Gender
Male 7%
Female 1%
Total 8%
Turnover by Region
India 2%
APAC Below 1%
U.S. 3%
Total 8%

These table figures were calculated by taking the number of people terminating in each classification, divided by total population.

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