Global Citizenship Report – FY2010

Stakeholder Engagement

We interact with our many stakeholders in a variety of ways to learn from them, help them solve their problems and contribute to their long-term success—and, ultimately, ours. Below is a summary of the some of the major methods by which we reach out to and interact with our stakeholders.
Interacting with Our Stakeholders
Employees Employee survey, training, manager evaluations, NVIDIA Foundation, volunteer programs
Suppliers Quarterly reviews, standards communications, ecosystem partnerships
Corporate customers Quarterly reviews, one-on-one meetings, ecosystem partnerships
Individual customers User communities, blogs
Developers User communities, development contests
Policy makers Individual meetings, membership in industry organizations
Investors Quarterly reports, annual reports, shareholder meetings, virtual shareholder meetings, proxy process, regular meetings and discussions, presentations at investor events
Media Ongoing interaction through meetings and discussions, virtual shareholder meeting, PR, website, blog and other social media initiatives.
Universities Fellowship program, CUDA Center of Excellence program, NVIDIA Research Summit, CUDA Teaching Center, CUDA Research Center
Communities NVIDIA Foundation, Project Inspire, Compute the Cure, Visualize STEM
Tell us how we did on our first global citizenship report. Your input can help shape our future priorities. After giving feedback, you can see responses from other stakeholders.