Global Citizenship Report – FY2010

Talent Development


Talent Development

We seek to develop talent from within wherever feasible. This is important to us for a number of reasons, including retaining institutional memory, reinforcing our culture and ensuring our employees can contribute in meaningful and growing ways. Our flat organizational structure gives employees the ability to gain rich job experience and the opportunity to contribute in ways they often cannot at other companies.

Most training at NVIDIA occurs on the job, which is natural at a fast-growing company dedicated to innovation. However, we recognize – and have been told by our employees in our annual survey – that formal training is an important factor in workforce satisfaction. We had cut training and development programs in 2009 due to budgetary constraints related to the economic downturn. As business conditions improve, our objective is to bring back education programs, including university programs, and leadership and management programs.

In 2009, NVIDIA promoted approximately 10 percent of our workforce, which is consistent with prior years. Of nearly 600 promotions, 24 were promoted to the level of director or above, 407 were from minority classes and 82 were women.

One way that we aim to further support the retention of our talent is through an internal job board, launching in 2010, which will enhance the visibility of opportunities across the company.

Pay and Benefits
To attract and retain a talented workforce, we offer attractive compensation and benefits packages. The same pay and similar benefits are offered to employees regardless of location. Read the entire article
Work-Life Balance
NVIDIA employees are part of an exciting, hard-working community that strives to exceed customer expectations and be first in the marketplace. This demands strong contributions by all members. Read the entire article
We want the most gifted individuals, wherever they may be, to work at our company. We believe that the growth and development of a diverse employee community provides a broad perspective, fosters innovation and enhances our competitive position. Read the entire article
Staff Turnover
Our overall global employee turnover rate is around 8 percent, considerably less than the average rate for technology companies, as reported by Radford Surveys. Our voluntary turnover rate is 5 percent, about one-third less than the technology industry overall. Read the entire article
Local Community
We hire locally as much as possible. Outside the U.S., we look to build teams by hiring local talent in our major engineering centers. Nearly all senior leaders located outside the U.S. are also hired locally. Expatriates are only considered when there are specialized/expert needs that can’t be filled through local hiring. Substantially below 1 percent of our workforce outside the U.S. is expatriate.
Freedom of Association
As part of our membership in the EICC, we recognize employees’ right to bargain collectively. We require our suppliers to develop programs to comply and drive improvement based on the EICC Code of Conduct, and we meet with them quarterly to review progress.
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