CUDA: Week in Review

CUDA Newsletter: Week in Review

Current Issue:

Sept. 17: Cris Cecka, Harvard; cuDNN


Sept. 17: Cris Cecka, Harvard; cuDNN
Aug. 21: Michela Taufer, Univ. of Delaware; CUDA 6.5
July 25: CUDA Pro Tip; Women and CUDA
June 12: Mark Bathe, MIT; The HIVE at Stanford
May 16: Ren Wu, Baidu; Women in GPU Computing
April 25: Dan Ciresan, IDSIA; CUDA 6
April 10: Paul Richmond, Univ. of Sheffield; CUDA Pro Tip
March 7: Ian Lane, Carnegie Mellon; Sign up for GTC14
Feb. 18: CUDA 6 Release Candidate; PGI 2014
Jan. 30: Todd Martinez, Stanford; Sign up for GTC14
Jan. 14: New Year's Resolutions; Nestor Gomez, Artefacto Estudio


Dec. 12: Debbie Bard; CUDA Pro Tip
Nov. 8: Diego Rivera; Tesla K20X
Oct. 16: The Favreau Brothers; New CUDA Book
Sept. 25: Knut Reinert, Freie Univ. Berlin; GPU-Accelerated Apps
Sept. 10: Adam Gazzaley, UC San Francisco; Nsight Visual Studio 3.1
Aug. 28: Pierre Wahl, Vrije Universiteit; ERSA Young Entrepreneur Award
Aug. 13: Patrick Roye, Luna, Inc.; NVIDIA Joins OpenPOWER Consortium
July 22: Valerie Halyo, Princeton; New CUDACasts
July 3: Yifeng Cui, SDSC; GTC 2014 Call for Papers
June 18: Jon Rogers, Texas A&M; CUDA 5.5 with ARM
June 7: Ismayil Guracar, Siemens Medical; CUDA 5.5
May 24: Dylan Jackson, MIT-LL; Nsight Visual Studio Edition 3.0
May 6: Aron Broom, University of Waterloo; INCITE Call for Proposals
April 12: Anne Elster, NTNU; CUDA Pro
March 8: Ian Lintault, nCoreDesign; GTC 2013 One-Week Countdown
Feb. 20: Eldad Klaiman, Volcano; GTC 2013 Update
Feb. 4: Monica Syal, ART; Sign up for GTC 2013
Jan. 22: Bob Zigon, Beckman Coulter; Udacity Parallel Programming Course


Dec. 14: Steve Forde, Adobe; GTC 2013 Registration
Nov. 30: Vlado Koylazov; CUDA Documentation
Nov. 21: Paulo Souza, Petrobras; Tesla K20 and K20X
Nov. 9: Mark Jaszberenyi, Colorfront; GTC 2013 Call for Papers
Oct. 22: Brian Fanous, MathWorks; New CUDA Documentation Center
Oct. 8: Anders Eklund, Virginia Tech; Robotic Bees
Sept. 28: Erik Lindahl, KTH; GPUs and Bioinformatics Seminar
Sept. 12: Supratik Moulik, Triradiate Industries; GTC 2013 Call for Submissions
August 27: Michael Bussmann, HZDR; CUDA 5 RC
August 14: Pete Willemsen, Green Urban Planning
June 8: CHOLMOD; Summer Events in Europe
June 1: GTC 2012 Wrap-Up
May 4: Focus on GTC 2012
Apr. 17: Spotlight on Lorena Barba, Boston Univ.; CUDA Updates
Mar. 26: Spotlight on Brian Tempero, Stanford; New Blog by Mark Harris
Feb. 24: Tech Tips; Spotlight on Iain Couzin, Princeton
Feb. 3: CUDA 4.1; Thrust; Spotlight on Bart Gallet
Jan. 9: New Year's Resolutions; Spotlight on Monish Tandale


Dec. 23: Happy Holidays; Thank You CUDA Spotlights
Dec. 2: Anders Eklund, Linkoping Univ; New CUDA Book by Rob Farber
Nov. 11: CUDA Turns 5; CUDA 4.1 RC
Nov. 1:Jeffrey Vetter, ORNL; GTC 2012 Submissions Due
Oct. 10: William Putman, NASA; October CUDA Webinars
Sept. 20: Mehdi Raessi, UMass-Dartmouth; Test Drive Tesla MD SimCluster
August 30: Alex Doronin, Univ. of Otago; GTC Asia
August 22: Ross Walker, UCSC; Stanford CUDA Lectures
August 12: Denis Bastieri, Univ. of Padua; Forrester on JP Morgan Chase and NVIDIA
July 21: Jesse Rosenzweig, Elemental; Stanford CUDA Center of Excellence
July 1: Vincent Natoli, Stone Ridge; NVIDIA, Microsoft Co-Host GPU Computing Event
June 9: Axel Kohlmeyer, Temple University; Sharpen Your CUDA Skills
May 18: John Humphrey, EM Photonics, M2090 announced
Apr. 29: Wu-chun Feng, Virginia Tech; Parallel Nsight 2.0 RC
Apr. 22: Kang Zhang, Johns Hopkins U; Future of Computing Performance
Apr. 13: Steve Fried, Microway; Keeneland Update
Apr. 05: Ren Wu, HP Labs; Ross Walker Wins Award for Amber Work
Mar. 22: Vitaliy Lomakin, UCSD; GTC 2011 Call for Submissions
Mar. 01: Sanford Russell, NVIDIA, on CUDA 4.0
Feb. 17: André Brodtkorb, SINTEF; GTC 2011; GPU Computing Gems
Feb. 4: Andrew Sheppard; Stanford Pervasive Parallelism Lab
Jan. 25: Allan Engsig-Karup, DTU; CUDA LibrariesPerformance
Jan. 14: Joshua Adelman Interview; Microsoft GPU Computing Events in New York


Dec. 20: Martin Peniak Interview; Jedox and theAmazon Cloud
Dec. 7: SC10 Presentations; GPU Computing with .NET
Nov. 17: CUDA in the Cloud with Amazon EC2; CUDA Toolkit 3.2
Nov. 10: Computational Art; Countdown to SC10
Nov. 2: Visual Effects in Jolie's Salt; Tesla Powers Fastest Supercomputer
Oct. 26: Dell Whitepaper; NAMD 2.7; CUDA Zone
Oct. 12: Interview with PGI; Sebastian Thrun in New York Times
Sept. 28: GTC 2010 Summary; CUDA Calendar
Sept. 14: New Parallel Nsight, CUDA Toolkit Releases; CDC Models Hepatitis C with GPUs
Sept. 7: NVIDIA Japan Hosts CUDA Class for High-Schoolers
August 30: GTC 2010 Keynotes
August 23: Gabon Fossils Discovery; Georgia Tech; CUDA Survey
August 2: "CUDA By Example"; New Dr. Dobb's "Supercomputing for the Masses"
July 26: GPU Tech Conference; CUDA Accelerates Video Analysis for Russian YouTube
July 16: CUDA Certification; GPU Tech Conference; Adobe Mercury Playback Engine
July 09: 3D/4D Ultrasound from Siemens; Bunkspeed Brings GPU Power to Designers
July 02: GPUs on Green500; First Look at GTC Session Topics!
June 25: CUDA Toolkit 3.1; New CUDA Seminars; StreamBase and Wall Street
June 18: Speech Indexing Startup Nexiwave; OpenCL Drivers Available
June 11: IEEE Article; Webinar by Jack Dongarra; New Photoshop Plugin
June 04: TOP500 List; CUDA in Russia; Contest in France
May 28: Summer School; Northeastern's Lab for Spectral Diagnosis
May 21: CUDA and Dance; New Release from Agilent
May 14: Interview with Jensen Huang; Bill Dally Receives Award
May 07: Tesla M2050; CUDA and Finance
Apr. 30: CUDA on iTunes; Moore's Law Commentary in Forbes
Apr. 23: GTC 2010 Call for Submissions; CUDA and GPU Computing Books
Apr. 16: GTC Call for Submissions; Update from Nat'l. Assoc. of Broadcasters Show
Apr. 09: Italian Supercomputing; Tokyo Tech - New CUDA Center of Excellence
Apr. 02: Advancing the Development of RF Systems; New Allinea Tools
Mar. 26: Tokyo Tech and Weather Forecasting; GTC 2010 Announced
Mar. 19: CUDA Toolkit 3.0; Dalsa and Machine Vision; PARRET
Mar. 12: MATLAB and GPU Power; CUDA for OCR; Open Source and Finance
Mar. 05: 2010 FIFA World Cup; Just Cause 2; Yellow Dog Enterprise Linux
Feb. 26: Stanford's Folding@home; Radar Signal Processing
Feb. 19: CUDA and HD Video: Olympian Style; Gene Sequence Analysis Just Got Faster
Feb. 12: U of Maryland Named CUDA Center of Excellence; Moldex CUDA Support
Feb. 05: NSF Grant for GPU Computing: Siemens 3D Ultrasounds
Jan. 29: Accelerating the Pace of Drug Discovery with GPUs
Jan. 22: International Highlights; Rugged Implementation of CUDA GPUs
Jan. 15: Tesla Bio Workbench; Will Your Next Shampoo Be Developed Using GPUs?
Jan. 08: CUDA at CES; The Making of Avatar; New Project on Google Code


Dec. 18: CUDA Superhero Challenge Winner; Fastra II; India's NeST
Dec. 11: Adobe's GPU-Powered Mercury Playback Engine; Modelling Space Dust