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Demos: Last Chance Gas


Experience the great outdoors in this Last Chance Gas demo. Watch the sun rise and set over the desert landscape and the abandoned gas station. Walk around and practically feel the heat shimmer off the abandoned roadway, and the glare of the sun flare out over the pools of shadow with the true-to-life shadow and lighting effects. Observe the sky as it brightens, changes color, and fades with the movement of the sun, and look for changing shapes in the clouds. Equip yourself with a GeForce FX 5900 and experience interactive real-time cinematic effects for the first time at the Last Chance Gas station.

Key Features:

  • Procedural sky: a fragment shader that describes the light based on sun position, haze, and other environmental factors for a more physically-based environment generates the entire sky.

  • Realistic lighting: Global illumination combined with soft shadows provide for a more realistic lighting environment.

  • Detail: The high performance fragment shader pipeline and vast amount of texture memory allow for a new level of detail and realism. Objects remain realistic even upon close inspection.


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