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  • Video: Vulcan Demo

    Experience the heat of Vulcan's frustration first-hand!

  • Demo Download: Vulcan (61MB)

    Experience the heat of Vulcan's frustration first-hand!

    Minimum System Requirements:
    GeForce FX 5900; Windows XP; Detonator FX Driver (44.03 or higher); 512MB System Memory; 128MB Video Memory.

Demos: Vulcan


Vulcan, the god of fire, toils at his anvil forging the metals of the earth when one of the sparks of his forge takes flight. Angered, Vulcan attempts to crush the annoyance but it's too quick. He chases it all around his sanctuary to no avail, as he's too slow to vanquish the pest. Tired and dizzy, Vulcan makes one last attempt to get rid of the pest, but he's overcome with fatigue and he fizzles. Experience the heat of Vulcan's frustration first-hand with a GeForce FX 5900 GPU powering your PC.

Key Features:

  • Realistic fire, smoke, and glow using volumetric texturing and render-to-texture techniques

  • Next-generation lighting and shadowing with multiple light sources

  • Skin shader using true Blinn phong shader


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