DGX Saturnv Webinar

NVIDIA® DGX SATURNV: Learn How We Built the World's Most Efficient Supercomputer* for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning

Watch our on-demand webinar recording on why the world's greatest challenges need the efficiency, power and intelligence of DGX SATURNV.

You will learn about:

  • How DGX SATURNV's efficiency is key to building machines capable of reaching exascale speeds
  • The blueprint for building an AI supercomputer and why organizations invest in such an architecture
  • Potential problems that can be solved with a massive computing power of 125 NVIDIA Pascal-powered DGX-1 server nodes

* DGX SATURNV is ranked the world's #1 most efficient supercomputer on the Green500 list and 28th fastest in the Top500.

DGX Saturnv Webinar


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