NVIDIA DualTV - Windows Vista x86


Certified for Windows Vista

Release Date: December 15, 2006
Beta Driver
WHQL Certified

U.S. English
File Size: 1.27 MB

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This driver is a preview release for users to test broadcast TV support features of Vista Home Premium or Vista Ultimate RTM build (version 6000 or after). This driver has not been subjected to extensive stability testing.

Installation Notes

  • Works with Windows Vista Home Premium or Vista Ultimate x86 (32-bit) versions.
  • Select the download site. Click "Save" to download the package to a disk location first. Next, double-click "" to extract the files to a folder. Then double-click file "DPInst.exe" to install the driver.

Release Highlights:

  • First Beta software release for Windows Vista x86.
  • Certified for Windows Vista (premium device logo).
  • Driver-only release. Does not include NVIDIA DualTV extensions which support capture settings. Note that Vista does not require a separate decoder to support MPEG-2.
  • Supports multiple DualTV boards in same system (requires applications that are compatible with Windows Vista x86).

Limitations or Known Issues:

  • Stability issue when capturing video for VCD under Sonic MyDVD (XP).
  • Does not provide direct uninstall option. Driver can be uninstalled via the Device Manager only.

Package Component Versions:

  • NVIDIA DualTV Driver v6.0.1.2

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