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  • Forceware Multimedia Application

    The NVIDIA® ForceWare™ Multimedia application fully integrates all multimedia functionality into a simple-to-use interface. You can record live TV, watch DVDs, burn a favorite TV show to recordable media, listen to music, and even stream content to ForceWare Multimedia clients running on other PCs.

Watch, Control, and Record Live TV

The NVIDIA® ForceWare™ Multimedia application bundled with NVIDIA Personal Cinema and NVIDIA NVTV features innovative digital video recorder (DVR) functionality allowing you to watch, navigate and control live TV on your PC. Pause live TV, replay your favorite scenes, skip commercials, or program your PC to record a favorite show, ensuring you never miss a moment of your favorite TV programs.

Features of the NVIDIA ForceWare Multimedia DVR:

  • Easily schedule and organize the recording of your favorite TV shows
  • Channel surfing with thumbnail preview
  • Zoom and pan
  • Closed captioning
  • Electronic program guide (EPG)
  • Power to pause, instant replay, fast-forward, and record live TV
  • Digital video recorder with real-time MPEG-1/MPEG-2 compression for your PC
  • Record TV shows or home videos onto your PC
Gemstar GUIDE Plus+™/G-GUIDE™ electronic program guide (EPG).*
*GUIDE Plus+™ (North America and Europe) G-GUIDE™ (Asia) EPG is available in the following countries: US, Canada, France, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Japan.

GUIDE Plus+, G-GUIDE and other related marks are trademarks of Gemstar Development Corporation and/or one of its related affiliates. In Europe, G-LINK is a trademark of Gemstar Development Corporation and/or one of its related affiliates. In Canada, TV GUIDE is a registered mark of Transcontinental Inc., and is used under license by Gemstar Development Corporation.

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