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  • Technical Brief: Accuview Antialiasing

    NVIDIA's Accuview AA subsystem tackles those dreaded "jaggies" with advanced antialiasing modes and a unique and flexible architecture--described in detail in the attached technical brief (227KB PDF).

Accuview Antialiasing

The NVIDIA Accuview Antialiasing (AA) subsystem tackles difficult antialiasing problems by providing a unique and flexible technology architecture that delivers high-quality graphics at unbeatable levels of performance. For the first time, end users can choose high-resolution antialiasing as their default display mode, without suffering any performance degradation in their favorite games and applications.

Superior Multisampling Technology
Accuview improves upon NVIDIA’s multisampling technology by providing a variety of multisampling modes, including 2x, 4x, Quincunx and a new 4XS mode that delivers improved subpixel coverage and better texture quality. 4XS mode delivers 50% more subpixel coverage than previous modes. This translates into a finer gradation in final pixel color values at the edge of an object, resulting in a smoother antialiased edge.



In this image, you can see the distinct difference between the aliased and antialiased portions of the image.  The aliased portion is jaggy, whereas the antialised one is smooth.

Flexible Use of Anisotropic Filtering
Another feature of Accuview is its support for anisotropic filtering, an advanced texture-filtering technique that improves image quality for scenes with objects that extend from foreground deep into the background. The secret of Accuview lies in its flexible use of anisotropic filtering. With Accuview, anisotropic filtering can be used in conjunction with Bi-linear or Tri-linear filtering schemes. The result is a high-quality image that, combined with Accuview’s multisampling technology, runs at blistering frame rates.

Once again, NVIDIA raises the graphics technology bar with the introduction of the integrated Accuview AA subsystem. With Accuview technology, antialiased operations can now be the default mode of all PC users, delivering unprecedented visual quality without any degradation in performance.