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  • Technical Brief: High-Precision Graphics

    GeForce FX GPUs deliver studio-quality on the desktop PC. Take a look at the inner-workings of the technologies driving this revolutionary advancement in the attached technical brief (4.9MB PDF).

High-Precision Graphics


Avid gamers demand the most immersive, insanely realistic gaming experience possible. Only the NVIDIA® GeForce FX GPU goes beyond the polygon-pushing rhetoric and improves the quality of each and every pixel, packing a double-edged cinematic sword that puts even its closest competitors to shame. By combining the incredible dynamic range of today's state-of-the-art 3D motion pictures with the finely tuned studio-quality precision of the industry's sole fully 128-bit graphics pipeline, the GeForce FX brings you the most intense cinematic visions available. All with the full-on maximum frame-rate horsepower you've come to expect from NVIDIA.

When we say "cinematic," we don't mean washed-up Hollywood has-beens waving weapons around against a bad blue screen in some hastily-produced FMV. We're talking fully realized 3D characters conjured before you in real time, lovingly crafted by the world's premiere interactive artists. It's no coincidence that the NVIDIA GeForce is their preferred platform—and once you see the new generation GPU in action, you won't accept anything less.






- Color Bits -
The real world is filled with dramatic contrasts between lights, shadows and colors, from the brightest, harshest white to the deepest, darkest black. For any game world to convincingly depict a 3D environment, it needs to simulate this seemingly infinite range in a decidedly finite space. With each added "bit" of light or color information afforded a game, the quality and accuracy of the resulting image grow exponentially. 32-bit color only gives each of the red, green, blue and alpha channels 256 choices. 128-bit color provides the developer with literally millions of choices for each channel. For film-quality real-time animated visuals, there's simply no substitute. The GeForce FX delivers this demanding level of excellence in real time.

Each and every pixel drawn to your screen goes through many intense mathematical computations to determine its color and brightness. Other chips fail to maintain a full 128 bits of detailed information throughout the graphics pipeline; as a result, "rounding errors" result. This can—and does—result in positive values when a negative is correct, or a zero when a very small value is called for. By the time the multitude of calculations is performed and the image displayed on your screen, these errors accumulate to the point where not only is the resulting image unconvincing, it's downright disappointing.

Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
courtesy of Bethesda Softworks, Inc.
Put simply, lack of precision is what causes lackluster picture quality in even the most professionally produced games. All the affecting beauty of the Grand Canyon is lost if seen through filthy, scratched sunglasses, and even the best games suffer a similar fate when forced through hardware that tolerates mistakes in its most basic operations. Without sufficient data, bump maps, created to bring more realism to the surface of 3D objects, develop moiré patterns, destroying the illusion. Rippling water, intended to reflect and refract the game environment, develops distracting and unnatural "checkering" eyesores. With the GeForce FX, there's no need to tolerate these blemishes.

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