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Duane Merrill

Duane Merrill is a Ph. D. student at the University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science. His advisor is Professor Andrew Grimshaw. His current research interests lay in parallel and high-performance computing, specifically in regard to programming models and algorithmic primitives for GPGPU, stream, and many-core architectures. Much of his prior academic work has involved concurrent systems in one form or another, including grid and distributed computing; virtual machines and hypervisor technologies; operating systems and meta-systems; and security architecture and protocols.

Duane completed his B.S. with High Distinction at the University of Virginia in May of 2000. After graduating, he worked as a software engineer for Avaki Corporation, a software startup in the field of grid computing. There he contributed to the design and development of the Avaki Compute Grid, a commercialization of the Legion research project, and the enterprise information integration (EII) Avaki Data Grid product. When Avaki was acquired by Sybase in 2005, he returned to U.Va. for graduate studies. There he completed his M.C.S. in May of 2008 with his work on interoperable security architecture for grid middleware. As a graduate student, he has spent two summers as a Microsoft research intern for hypervisor-related research: one with the Security and Cryptography Incubations team at Microsoft Research, and another with the Midori team (an incubation of the Singularity managed-code operating system).

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