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Corporate Culture

We work hard at fostering a corporate culture that motivates and empowers our employees to operate at the highest levels of achievement. Our annual employee survey tells us our employees feel great pride in the company, with 86 percent saying they are proud to work at NVIDIA.

We define our corporate culture by five core values that apply to everything we do. They are: willingness to take risks, striving for excellence, intellectual honesty, directness and making a contribution.

These values create a workplace in which innovation thrives. Because we strive for openness and honesty in the workplace, our culture values individual contributions, direct communication and the ability to recognize mistakes and learn from them.

We believe that high performance must be grounded in integrity. Our employees are expected to operate at the highest ethical standard, placing the interest of the company first, colleagues second and themselves third.

Our professional relationships are guided by a set of standards we call Our Code. These principles govern how we act toward customers, competitors, partners, vendors, government regulators, stockholders and fellow employees, as well as the community at large. We believe these standards have driven our past success and will help determine our future.

Employee Engagement
Corporate Culture
NVIDIA’s core value of “Make a Difference” gives employees an opportunity to have impact in and outside of the office.
Our global employee survey is a key means for us to understand and learn about areas where we can improve. Our 2010-2011 survey returned a response rate of 95 percent, compared with an industry average of 84 percent. In 2010, we decided to change the survey timing to every 18 months from every year, so we have adequate time to implement the changes employees want to see. Among the highest ranking attributes identified in this year’s survey were engagement and motivation. Areas with lower scores include infrastructure and tools.

Global Annual Survey Responses
Global Annual Survey Responses