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Goals and Progress

2011 Workforce Goals
Refresh Learning and Development web site
Offer New Manager training in APAC and India
Implement Top Talent Engagement Program
Ongoing, but approximately 50% complete
Implement online annual feedback and development platform
2012 Workforce Goals
Improve partnerships with on campus diversity chapters and with national organizations such as SWE, NSBE, SHPE
Strengthen our efforts to recruit women and minorities into our engineering organizations. This will be accomplished by attending events hosted by these organizations and providing sponsorships
Participate in career-oriented activities led by local and national women and minority organizations
Work to further the education, corporate exposure, and job assistance of their members
Participate in job fairs, career days and youth motivation programs that encourage the employment of women and minorities in the tech industry.
Increase partnerships with local and national groups that help to support veterans and disabled citizens
Conduct 2012 global employee survey
In 2010 we made the decision to conduct this survey every 18 months. 2012 is a survey year.
"The work is challenging and the groups are very focused, so each day when you come in to work you know that what you do will contribute to making a product that will blow away the user expectations and rock their experience. Also last but not least, NVIDIA promotes green living and heartily contributes to fellow human beings in the times of calamity. This inspires me."
Ketan K., Santa Clara, CA