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Culture and Values

Hear five long-time NVIDIANs talk about the company's core values and why they're important to who we are. Watch here.

For more than two decades, NVIDIA has pioneered the art and science of visual computing. We're transforming static displays into immersive, interactive experiences for everyone from gamers to scientists, and consumers to enterprise customers.

We've been successful because we're focused and passionate about what we do. We're committed to technology leadership and strive to operate at the highest levels of achievement. And even as we grow, we remain nimble and able to reinvent ourselves to create exciting new capabilities for our customers.

NVIDIA's annual employee survey tells us that our employees feel great pride in the company—87 percent say they are proud to work here. Our corporate culture arises from five core values that provide our foundation for success. These values create workplaces where innovation thrives and mistakes are transformed into opportunities.

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Our core values are:
Be willing to innovate and take risks.

We're willing to build things that people don't yet know they need. We endeavor to delight users and shape the industry.

Do what's best for the company.

We foster an environment that motivates and empowers our employees to work as one integrated team. By putting the interests of the company before our own, we can more easily align around NVIDIA's vision.

Practice intellectual honesty.

We expect our employees to operate at the highest ethical standard, placing the interests of the company first, colleagues second and themselves third. We believe that high performance must be grounded in integrity, and thus our professional relationships are guided by a set of standards we call Our Code. These principles govern how we act toward customers, competitors, partners, vendors, government regulators, stockholders, fellow employees, and the larger community. We seek to know ourselves, what we do and don't do well, and continually focus on improvement. We try to learn from our mistakes so we can spend time innovating instead of putting out fires.

Communicate directly.

We commit to transparency, avoid political maneuvering, and don't take feedback personally.

Make a contribution.

We take pride in making a difference, not just in the technology industry but in local and global communities. Each year, through Project Inspire, we forego our holiday parties and dedicate our financial and human resources to help our communities.

Our corporate culture resonates with our users, who are uniquely passionate about our products. Many customers express this passion in deeply personal ways, including creating artwork and tattoos based on our logo—and even in naming their children "NVIDIA."

Culture and Values